Poker pros bust at World Series of Golf

Rhett Butler

They might have him on the felt, but on the green poker pros such as Rhett Butler couldn't bust 31-year-old Mark Ewing.

The Newport Beach, Calif., man took down the inaugural World Series of Golf on Wednesday with the right blend of poker wagering and golf skills.

Down to the final five players in the series - which included Rhett Butler - Ewing sealed his victory by going all-in on his approach shot on the 373-yard par-four 16th hole at Primm Valley Golf Club south of Las Vegas.

He was long on the shot, but made up for it with a stiff chip shot and a three-foot putt that sent the pros and two other amateur golfers packing.

For his efforts the day trader pocketed the $250,000 first prize, which he plans to divvy up among his caddie, a friend and an on-course financial advisor. Not, however, before the quartet lets $120,000 ride on a single hand of blackjack.

Participants came from across the U.S. and Canada and included pros Phil Gordon and Steve Dannenmann. All the players bought in for $10,000 to compete in the three-day event.

The World Series of Golf will be broadcast nationally on NBC Sports June 23 and 24.

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