Poker pro wins $500,000 on quiz show

Alex Outhred's biggest win to date didn't come from the poker tables, but instead from competing on the television quiz show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? He won $500,000 on the show Thursday.

It may not have been a win at the poker table to add to his fourth place finish at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Mandalay Bay event, but becoming the biggest winner to date on the show was still an accomplishment.

The pro poker player and World Series of Poker (WSOP) Academy instructor could have walked away with the ultimate prize of $1 million if he'd been willing to gamble on the final question.

He opted to cash out at $500k and not try the $1 million final question. If he'd kept going and committed to the question and been wrong, he would have been left with just $25,000.

For Alex Outhred, who used pot odds analysis during the show, the risk and reward ratio wasn't good enough to give it a try.

It turns out he would have been a millionaire if he'd risked it. The question was "Who was the first American Secretary of the Treasury?" Outhred knew the answer: Alexander Hamilton.

Outhred will be making another television appearance in May when the WPT Mandalay Bay Poker Championship airs on the Travel Channel. The final table airs May 16.

Poker players can also get poker tips and advice from Outhred during the WSOP Academy Main Event Primer taking place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas July 3-5, just before the WSOP Main Event begins.

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