Poker Pro Johannes Strassmann Reported Missing in Slovenia

johannes strassmann

According to the Slovenian media poker pro Johannes Strassmann has been reported missing by friends and was last seen on Saturday, June 21.

Slovenian police confirmed they are currently searching for a German citizen by that name although no details have been released. first brought the story to the surface earlier today based on Slovenian media reports.

According to PokerFirma Strassmann has been missing since June 21. He was last seen in the Prule neighborhood of the Slovenian capital of Llubljana, wearing jeans and a white shirt.

Slovenian police are urgently seeking the public's help in locating him. Any information should be reported to the police at 386 801200 or +386 113.

Strassmann is a well known high-stakes pro who frequently traveled around Europe to play in high-stakes games. His reason for being in Slovenia was reported as visiting friends.

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