Poker Plex's July Promos

Poker Plex is offering up a slew of promotions to its players in the month of July.

Registered players at Poker Plex who have an account balance of $20 or more are now eligible to receive invitations to begin new games. Players will see a pop-up message informing them of which table needs to be started, the limit of the table, and the amount Poker Plex is willing to pay the player per hour to play at the table. The amount of money the player receives will depend upon which table the player is sent to. Payment will begin as soon as the player commences play and will terminate if the player leaves the table or sits out from play, if there are four or more players participating in the game, or when two hours of play have passed.

Poker Plex is giving all of its players $50 a month to play. Each Poker Plex player will receive a bonus of $50 in their poker account once they have played their 300th hand of the month. This bonus period began on July 1st and will continue through July 31st.

Poker Plex is giving away prizes to the top 5 players with the most hands played between July 1st and July 31st. First prize is a Gateway 460 laptop. Second, third and fourth place finishers will receive an iRiver portable digital music player, and the fifth place winner will receive a $50 bonus.

Please see Poker Plex for further details.

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