Poker Players Rep Sports Stars (and the McRib) at 2014 WSOP (Photos)

4 July 2014, Created By:

Quick: Think of an activity that requires a space-age, synthetic microfiber, moisture-wicking spandex jersey less than poker?

Even croquet requires you move around a hot field a little. Poker, well. Maybe you can reap the benefits if you order some spicy wings to the table.

That doesn't stop poker players from armoring themselves up with the latest in sports technology and proclaiming their loyalties at the felt, though.

The World Series of Poker is awash with jerseys from sportstars past and present and we'd be remiss if we didn't share some with you -- just to give you a sense of where the prevailing winds in sports fandom blow these days.

From our perspective it's still clearly an "everybody loves a favorite" world out there with the Seattle Seahawks, LA Kings, San Francisco 49ers, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Lakers very well represented.

Every now and then a feisty little sandwich like Mr. McRib up there sneaks in, though, and gives us hope for sporting misfits everywhere. Let's kick a touchdown out there, gents!

Batimore Orioles Cal Ripken Jr. Jersey
Baltimore Orioles Clark Jersey
New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Jersey
Atlanta Falcons Ryan Jersey
Seattle Seahawks Rui Jersey
New Orleans Saints Sproles Jersey
Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey
Seattle Seahawks Wilson Jersey
Jonathan Quick LA Kings Jersey
Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane Jersey
Drogba Chelsea Jersey
Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey
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