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Ever wonder how you can get a complimentary shirt to play poker in?, a Web site offering new and experienced players a chance to list their poker pedigree and network with potential sponsors, says they'll put you in the fitting room.

The brand new auction site will allow poker players to list the tournaments they'd like to play in and the terms for which they would like a sponsor, with a basic listing fee starting at $1.95.

The site has set up a template for players to sort through the process of getting a financial sponsor, including how to explain the type of sponsor you're looking for, the terms you're willing to agree to, how to create a poker resume and how to put together a sponsorship contract.

Business and individual sponsors can also submit their own customized projects and try and find a matching player, and anyone interested only has to place the winning bid, providing more small businesses the opportunity to get in the game. also lists items for sale or trade and has a classifieds area, with paid ad space.

They also list poker tournaments around the world, so players aren't limited to playing in local games.

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