Poker Players Evacuated from RPT Event in Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine

It appears that all the players who attempted to play the Russian Poker Tour’s Kiev event have finally been evacuated from the casino.

Thanks to ongoing riots in Ukraine, organizers were forced cancel the event and immediately lock in all the their players who were already in the casino.

According to reports the staff provided the players with free drinks and food and some people were even playing poker while the violent riots continued to rage in Ukraine. 

The Russian Poker Tour posted a message on its Facebook page earlier today that said all remaining players had finally been evacuated from the building.

“This was the most stressful day in the history of the RPT,” said organizers.

The prizepool for the tournament will likely be distributed according to stack sizes with the cash being held at the Imperial Poker Club.

The situation in Kiev does not appear to be improving. As of Thursday there have been unconfirmed reports that over 70 protesters in Kiev have been killed by the police and hundreds wounded.

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