WSOPC Tunica Winner Jordan Morgan: hEissoLucky0

Tunica Champ Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan is the 2007 World Series of Poker Circuit champion in Tunica, Miss.

Jordan Morgan: So lucky or so talented? Like poker itself, Morgan was probably a little of both today as he played his way to a World Series of Poker Circuit championship win in Tunica, Mississippi.

The online pro who hails from Norman, Okla. was a force at the event's final table at the Grand Casino after a day of solid play and the occasional fortuitous fall of the cards.

Though Morgan is young, at just 23 he's already working past final-table experiences - chiefly his second-place finish at the United States Poker Championship - to his advantage. Morgan was confident at the final table and it wasn't long before it started to look like his competition didn't stand a chance.

Despite having just won $206,889 moments before, Morgan was reserved and soft-spoken when he sat down to answer a few questions from

How are you feeling?

I'm feeling happy. I'm pretty elated. It felt better than the second place at the USPC. It's good to finally get a win.

Are you noticing a big difference this time around?

It's a huge difference. The experience of going through that helped me stay calm and play my best poker today.

How do you feel about how you played?

Overall I played pretty well. I got lucky on the one hand that I guess I played poorly with aces and tens but I don't know if I can fault that. Other than that I think I played really good poker. I don't think I made many mistakes today.

Any key hands that got you here?

The first hand of the tournament I sit down - I was three hands late - and the fourth hand I had aces and I doubled up the very first hand. The guy had kings and from there it was smooth sailing.

Were you feeling confident coming into the final table today?

Yeah, I was feeling very confident. Things were going really well for me and I love playing tournaments in Tunica. I feel comfortable here. I come from Norman, Okla., and I've been coming to Tunica since I was 19.

Was there anyone you were particularly concerned about?

Glyn (Banks) who was sitting on my left to start the day. I thought he played great poker all day and he's got a lot of experience. He made it difficult for me early in the day, but once I got lucky on that hand and I had a bunch of chips it was a lot easier. He played really well. There were two hands he could have gone bust to me on and didn't and saved a lot of chips. I was really impressed with his play.

Your buddy is here, your cousin, your mom - I've heard she comes to many of your tournaments. That fan support must be nice.

She comes when she can. It's nice to have my family around me and be supported. I wish my wife could be here but she's finishing up pharmacy school and can't travel much with me, but she'll be done in a few months.

You had a good showing at the World Series this year - a lot of cashes.

It was alright. I had a final table and four cashes. Made about as much as I bought in for so... (Smiles.)

What have you been doing since?

I've been relaxing; the World Series is a busy month. I've been spending time with my wife at home and not traveling a ton. But I'll probably pick that up now toward the end of the year.

What's your schedule looking like?

Everything in the continental United States and Niagara - I'll probably be there.

Have you been playing much online?

I play most Sundays - that's about it now. I had a pretty good month online last month: I won the Full Tilt tournament for $120,000 so that's pretty good.

Do you prefer online?

I used to really prefer online but not I'm pretty indifferent towards the two. It's all poker to me now.

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