The Uzi Guns Down Competition - Carlos Uz Wins WSOPC Indiana Main Event

Carlos Uz
Carlos Uz, Caesars Indiana - Day 3, World Series of Poker Circuit

Although Carlos Uz and Marc Fratter decided to split the prize for first and second place in the 2007 WSOPC Indiana main event, Uz was, without a doubt, the most dominant player at the final table.

Uz busted four of the nine players at the final table and even won a large pot off noted pro Tom Schneider the day before. Perhaps it's fitting that Uz was the one who received the WSOPC ring and the title.

The friendly Uz sat down with after his big victory and gave us his thoughts on the final day of the 2007 WSOPC Indiana.

Carlos how are you feeling right now?

Crazy, just really, really crazy.

If you could, please describe your entire tournament experience to me.

I went down to $3,500 chips in the first three hours and then to $2,500 and I thought I was out. I only had 25 chips and figured I only had a couple hands left. I called my wife during the break and told her I was out.

Carlos Uz
Carlos Uz.

I was convinced I was out but I came back from the break and got a couple of big hands which took me to about $45,000 and for most of that day I was close to that number of chips.

Toward the end of the first day they moved me to a table with Amanda Baker. She went all-in on the river and the board had three diamonds on it and I called with ace-king of diamonds. That was a big hand for me because it took me to $90,000. After that I was placed on a really bad table and that took me down to like $60,000 and that's what I started Day 2 with. Day 2 went well and I finished with over $300,000.

Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker.

You busted the final two players just before the final table in consecutive hands, how important was that for your tournament?

I could not have done that better. It was crazy. I was on such a streak because just a few hands before that Tom Schneider called me all the way to the river because he thought I was drawing to the river but I had pocket queens. That put me over $200,000 and when those two guys moved all-in I went for it. On the second one, Bryan Sapp, he only had $30,000 so I figured I wasn't risking all that much.

Chris Moore
The one player Carlos Uz was worried about - Chris Moore.

How did you feel going into the final table? Were there any players who worried you?

Actually there was one player that I was really worried about, not because I had played with him at all, I just had bad feelings about him. I actually managed to take him out though. That was Chris Moore.

It seemed like Chris played well...

I was scared of him big-time. I was lucky to take him out.

Carlos Uz
Carlos Uz, most likely busting someone.

How long have you been playing poker?

I lived in Las Vegas for 13 years but I didn't play that much because I had a big company and I didn't really have the time. I did play occasionally, however, and I always loved poker. My best friend was a big poker player in Vegas but I didn't seriously play until just this year. This is like the first big tournament that I actually made it this far.

I think you told me you'd cashed in other events?

Yeah I cashed at the Hard Rock and the Borgata - not any WSOP or WPT events though.

How would you describe your game? What makes you a good player?

In the last two months I have improved 150%. It's like day and night compared to how I was playing when I first started.

heads up
Carlos Uz vs. Marc Fratter.

Why do you think there's been such a change in the last two months?

Well my brother kept telling me I was playing too loose and playing too crazy and I had to relax because I'm very spontaneous. He just kept drilling me and that's all I've heard every single day. He's the one that financed me to come here. I owe it all to him.

On Tuesday I checked myself out of the hospital against my doctor's will to come here.

I'm assuming it was worth it?

Well my mother was extremely upset but now... she's not.

Carlos Uz
Carlos Uz showing off his new ring.

How excited was your family to see you do this well?

I have eight kids, four are still at home, the oldest is 11 and the youngest is two. When I came to play here my mother did not know at first so she called my wife and ended up talking to the baby. My mother asked where I was and my two-year-old answered, "Play, playing," and basically ratted me out.


Does your family know you've won yet?

No they don't. I know all my friends and family were following your updates all day long though. I would go on break and call them and they would know more than I did! They were definitely glued to the computer.

Will we see you at a few more of these things?


Where do you plan on playing?

I want to go to Lake Tahoe; it just depends on my health and my family.

Thanks very much, Carlos; congratulations on your big win.

Carlos Uz played like a maniac when he needed to at the final table but also managed to calm it down during important moments. Basically Uz did everything he needed to ensure victory. Although Uz would cheer loudly while the cards were being dealt he went out of his way to be friendly to all his competition. In the end Uz deserved the WSOPC ring he received for taking home first place, and he's likely to be a force on the circuit for years to come.

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