Chris Ferguson wins the 2007 Harvey's Tahoe WSOPC Championship Event

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson came into the final table of the 2007 Harvey's Tahoe WSOPC Championship Event with a considerable chip lead. But his road to the title was not without a few bumps, twists and turns.

In the end he managed to make a big hand to get heads-up, then crack South Lake Tahoe local Dustin Fox's aces on the first hand of the final duel to take down his third WSOPC event title, $203,751 in cash, a free pass to the 2008 WSOP Main Event and a pretty nice-looking ring. Just moments after the big win "Jesus" sat down with to discuss how he made it all happen.

Congratulations Chris. Did you ever think you'd find a way to win three WSOP Circuit events?

It's unbelievable. I mean I never would have believed it. These things are tough to win.

How about that flurry of a finish? You managed to dust off the last two players in two quick hands, hitting trip jacks against Mark Bonsack, then cracking Dustin Fox's aces with a set of tens on the first hand heads-up.

It was crazy to see it happen two hands in a row like that. The first one I flopped top pair and a flush draw and I had him drawing dead on the turn. Then heads-up I really thought he hit the king; I thought he had A-K and he would call me if I went all-in. Turns out he went all-in. Great flop; I just had to get very lucky.

What did you think of the field here in Tahoe? It must be tough when you don't know a lot of these players.

Chris Ferguson
It's got to be the hat!

I thought it was a very good field. You're right, I didn't know a lot of the players here. It used to be if there was a player I didn't know, I would have to think I was more experienced than them. But nowadays, through the Internet, there are a lot of experienced players. There are a ton of great Internet players who I've never seen before. They could be playing three or four tables at a time and have probably played more hands in their lifetime than I have.

Let's take you back to the early stages for a minute. How did you manage to wend your way through the 142 entrants?

Day 1 I thought I went out to a very nice start and kind of cruised through [...]. I was probably above average for most of the day. I got up to about $17,000 early in the first or second level. So I sort of cruised through Day 1. Late in the day the average was about $40k and I had about $60 for a while there.

Then there was one big hand on Day 2 where I got all-in with the chip leader (Michael Banducci). I had around $150,000 and he had around $300,000. I got it in with A-K versus pocket queens and if I don't win that, I'm done. I won the hand and from there I built the big stack going in to the final table.

Chris Ferguson
$200k? Throw it on the pile.

You did move in with A-K versus Banduci's queens; did you think he was going to fold?

I was hoping he was going to fold because if he called me I can't be the huge favorite. I can't even be a favorite at all because I have A-K. I had moved over the top of him before, so I thought maybe he was going to try and put a stop to it. Of course, he wasn't trying to put a stop to it with queens. With queens he was just playing his cards. But I moved over the top because he easily could have been making a play with A-Q or A-J and he would fold when I re-raised.

You came into the final nine with the chip lead, but it didn't last. What were you thinking when you moved all-in with A-9 after Dustin Fox put a $60,000 raise in?

That was my only real misstep of the day. But he was really close to folding that hand. Again, heads-up, ace high, even A-9, is actually a pretty good hand [...]. I raise, he re-raises it. I'm sure a lot of players would re-raise with Q-J, K-J, A-Q, even A-8 and my A-9 is good at that point so I didn't want to lay it down or have him call. But he had pocket tens.

I suppose having him covered at that point was a factor as well?

Chris Ferguson
Put him on A-9.

A little bit. I would have still had a lot of chips if I lost the hand so I wasn't too worried about losing the hand.

Plus, you did win the 2000 WSOP Main Event with A-9. I bet looking down at those two brings back some good memories?

It sure does and that probably had a little bit to do with it. It's hard for me to fold that hand. It's been pretty good to me. I didn't win the $200,000 with it, but it didn't hurt me today.

Oh, I'm sure you're feeling no pain at all and congrats on the big win today Chris; you are a class act.

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, aka Jesus, is one of the biggest names in the poker world today. Booking his third win in a World Series of Poker Circuit event as he has done here in Tahoe should only enhance his growing legend. If you do the math, you can figure we'll probably be seeing Chris right here on the winner interview page a few more times before he hangs up his big black hat for good.

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