Victor Ramdin: Making the Play

I caught up with Ramdin on the dinner break of Main Event Day 3 and chatted with Ramdin about his journey and what he thinks of this year's big show.

I first met you at Foxwoods back in 2006. You'd just gotten your American citizenship right before that, and then you won the tournament. It must have been a pretty wild ride, from everything leading up to that point up all the way through today. Tell me about where you were when you first got to the United States, and where you are now.

Oh my God, what a difference! I worked my first job here in a mortuary for a day - I saw one dead body and never went back to collect my salary. Then I went to working in a freezer with fish - it gets into your pores for about four years. Then I went on to a grocery store, and on to the little businesses I still have today, which are small dollar stores in New York. A little bit of real estate, too, but mostly I'm in retail.

Victor Ramdin game is that sometimes I make big calls, but 90% of the time I'm the one making the play. That's my game.

Do you think that your own fearlessness strikes fear into your opponents?

Annand 'Victor' 
This man will strike fear into your puny mortal heart.

Oh, absolutely. I was involved in three very big pots today - one for $800,000, one for $600,000, and one for $400,000, probably some of the biggest pots in the tournament. I was on the losing end of all three, and guess what? I'm still friggin' in!

I've still got $286,000. Something tells me that the end of the day, or the end of tomorrow, I'm going to have a big stack. I'm so confident, because I've great table. With the great structure, everything is to my advantage. I'm not in a rush. I'm just going to take it one hand at a time. I'm going to get there.

Well Victor, I hope that big stack becomes a reality. Thanks for your time.

Thank you.


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One of Doyle Brunson's nuggets of wisdom in the original Super System was that you have to give action to get action. Keep that in mind if you ever wonder how Victor Ramdin goes deep in so many big tournaments.

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