A Trick up His Sleeve: The Jan Heitmann Interview

He's also something of a magician and is one of the players who has given Boris Becker a few tips on how switch from the grass to the felt. Jan took some time off during the last break of the day to speak to PokerListings.com about how his Day 2 was coming along.

So Jan, how has your Day 2 gone?

Day 2 has been good to me actually. I started with $41,000 and moved up to about $65,000 or so without any danger. And then something weird happened. [laughs] There was a guy who came to the table, he had about $58,000 or so, and he limps in the hijack for $600 and says, "I don't want to raise the first hand and create a bad image."

I'm on the button with jacks and make it $2,075; the blinds fold and it comes back to him and he makes it $30,000. So now I have jacks and possibly my tournament life on the line, but I figured he's not going to limp with ace-king or queens and with aces or kings he's not going to make it $30,000.

So I push, I give him like nines or eights or some sort of crap, and after thinking for a bit, he goes, "Awwww, man! This is going to be a huge suck-out." So now I know I'm good! And he's like, "OK you can relax a little bit; you're way ahead, but I call."

Jan Heitmann
Rivals Age Spets in terms of smileyness.

So he puts his last $28,000 or whatever in and he has eights, and the jacks held up for once! Though I did have to dodge a flush draw on the turn.

I was up to about $120,000 or so and then I was up and down, up and down and my lowest point from then on was about $93,000 or so and my highest point was $150,000.

Any hands that you really enjoyed?

I made a four-bet bluff today. I like that - I was waiting all day to make one. I have A-T under the gun, and a guy who always reraises me when he has a hand calls the $2,500. And now the other big stack at the table makes it $10,500. But I have an ace in my hand so chances are he doesn't have aces. I'm not sure he's going to fold kings, but I think queens and downwards he's going to fold so I make it $27,000.

The guy who flat-called goes into the tank, and I'm thinking, "Oh crap!'' because he only has $38,000, so if he pushes I'm committed and for sure I'm not ahead. He folds, finally, and the other guy folds pretty quickly.

You lost a decent pot after that though?

About four hands after, the guy to my left, he has a very big stack, and he's a good player, I've played a $2/$5 cash game with him and he's very aggressive and is raising like 10 out of 11 hands. He donked off a few chips early on; he came to the table with about $145,000 and dropped to about $120,000.

Jan Heitmann
Not just a magician; he can make shadow puppets on the felt too.

Now I raise from the cut-off with 7 6 and he reraises from the button, which I knew was going happen very soon, I mean he had "three-bet" written all over his face. But we're pretty deep so I call, the flop comes K-2-2 with two clubs, I check and he bets $8,000 and I call.

The turn is a queen unfortunately. I check; he checks. The river is a six and now I don't know if I'm good or if I want to bluff. I decide to bluff $16,000; he insta-calls - he has K-5. Of course with a queen on the turn he's always going call there.

You play mostly the EPT circuit. What's the difference in standard?

Could we please get all the WSOP players to the EPTs? And not have any of the EPT players play them anymore? Except for me? The standard, obviously with 6,500 people competing, is much lower here.

Day 1 was really frustrating for me; I couldn't get any cards, but I saw one who limped all the time. He didn't limp every time but whenever he played a hand he limped. Limp, limp, limp, never raised, not one time, and he pretty much checked or check-called all the way through, and he turned up with kings five times!

There was a seven-high flop, three people in; checked to him, he checks behind. Nine on the turn, checked all around, something comes on the river; it's checked around again and he turns up kings! And for some reason, they were good.

Once you were in a pot with him though, you had zero fold equity because he wouldn't fold, so there was no point in bluffing him. Live poker for the first time - I hope he enjoyed it!

Boris Becker
Can Boris make it?

Boris Becker has recently taken up poker and you're one of the people who have given him some coaching and tips - how did that go?

I coached him a couple of days prior to the EPT in Dortmund, but he couldn't play because he was ill, which was unfortunate. But he played in Monte Carlo, not so well in the main event, but he made a final table in one of the side events, a €1,500 I think.

I think he has a lot of talent. Obviously he needs a lot more experience and some more coaching, but he has a lot of talent. He has a pretty good grasp of the concepts and understands them, so if he can get some discipline and some experience, he's going to do all right.

What are your plans for after the Main Event?

I don't know; I haven't made any plans for after the WSOP. For sure, I'm going to take a couple of weeks off because I'm really tired. I've been here going on six, seven weeks - it's a long time. And you want to do well in the WSOP, and I really haven't until now so far. The Main Event is always the last hope, isn't it?

Thanks for your time, Jan.


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Jan Heitmann finished the day with $92,000 overall, a solid day's work which sees him through to the all-important Day 3, where he'll be hoping to make it deep once more in yet another tournament.

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