Greenwood Crowned Champion: The Interview

After a short and bloody battle Greenwood had taken his first bracelet and Mouritsen had another second-place finish to add to the list.

Backing both players were raucous cheering sections. Poker was, at least ostensibly, the reason these two groups were here but as things progressed it seemed to be drinking and yelling that occupied most of their time.

Traditional Canuck beverages like Crown and Coke were pitted against whatever it is they drink in Denmark - Akvavit probably. It was hard for us to concentrate on the poker being played but it didn't seem to distract Greenwood, who fought back from the short stack through the course of the final table before taking control when things went heads-up.

After the winner photos and official ESPN interview were finished, the poker media pulled the winner aside to conduct a press-conference style discussion.

Congratulations Max. That was a crazy final table. The crowd was pretty involved. Did that make it more difficult to concentrate?

Not really. In between hands I thought it was hilarious. Both the Danes and my friends were having a great time. There was no animosity or anything. When the hands were going on everyone was pretty quiet and I was into it.

We saw some online guys in your cheering section and there's a ton of players from around Toronto. Tell us a bit about your background in poker and who you hang out with.

Peter Jetten
Jetten, aka Apathy.

Well, I started playing online when I was in first-year university. One of my friends, Peter Jetten, who plays poker pretty seriously now, told me about a site that was running some free tournaments. So I won like $7 from a freeroll and just sort of went from there.

I've had the chance to talk to a lot of really cool guys and awesome players who are way better than I am. I've been coming down to Vegas for the last few years and haven't had too much success until now but I have had the chance to live with some cool people and learn a lot.

Rene Mouritsen, your heads-up opponent, has been to a lot of final tables and finished second before. He was the chip leader and you were the short stack earlier. Did you feel like he broke down a bit when it was four-handed?

Rene played really, really well. I think more than anything I won a couple coin flips and I had hand-over-hands. There was one hand where he had a really tough decision on the turn and made a really big fold that would usually be really good against me.

He did happen to have the best hand that time but I had a lot of outs. I don't think he blew up or anything. He made some good moves that would have looked great if they had worked. I think he played really well though.

You just graduated university in Toronto. What are your plans now?

I really haven't planned anything. I am going to do some traveling. We're doing a trip to Europe with some friends next year so I'll be heading out there to hang out and try to figure out what I'm going to do.

It was five long years to finish a four-year degree so now that I'm done I'm going to take a year off and reevaluate things.

I live in Toronto and I've always thought it would be really cool to own a house there.

Thanks Max and good luck.

* * * * * * * * * * *

If we're not mistaken that makes three bracelets for Canada this year. Young players from southern Ontario have had a great year in events around the world. Glen Chorny, winner of the EPT Grand Final, and Mike McDonald, winner of EPT Prague, are just a couple of examples.

When referring to this group in the future we'll have to remember to add Max Greenwood to the list.

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