Brandon Adams Rises to the Occasion on Day 2a

Although Adams has had a relatively quiet WSOP (with the exception of the $10,000 Heads-Up event) there's no doubt he's a major threat in any high-stakes tournament. chatted with Adams for a few minutes while he was on his way to dinner.

So, Brandon, you've amassed over $200,000 chips. Do you mind telling us how you got to this point?

Day 1 was as good as I could have ever hoped for. I was continually on the upswing. I don't know if I had a losing level. I had about $66,000 by dinner and $76,000 at the end of the day.

Was it a matter of just getting some better hands or did you have some weak tables?

It was mostly smaller and mid-size pots. My tables were pretty weak. I didn't recognize anyone. Some of the players were pretty inexperienced.

Today I started out playing very fast but then treaded water for a while. I think I ended the second level of the day with around $160,000. I just had a good level and got it all the way up to $207,000. I had it as high as maybe $230,000 at one point.

You've had a ton of TV cameras pointed at you over the last few hours. What do you think about all that exposure?

I much prefer the feature table to the roaming cameras. The feature table you get in the zone of, "OK; I'm playing at the feature table," and you know they're looking at your hole cards and you know there are cameras on you at every moment. Whereas the roaming cameras can be a little bit annoying because you never know when they are going to come in and they are usually pointed at a particular person.

Feature tables are usually fun though.

How has your WSOP gone this year?

It's been good. Cash games have been good. Tournaments have been down marginally, mostly because I didn't cash in the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event. I think I had three cashes in eight tournaments. One was fairly big, like $54,000, but obviously that barely pays for my H.O.R.S.E. buy-in.

Do you have a favorite event here at the Series?

I probably like the $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha the most, or the $10,000 Heads-Up. I really had fun in that event this year. I made the quarterfinals.

Do you think the slight boost in registration in this year's Main Event is a good sign for the poker industry in general?

Yeah for sure. It's an especially good sign that so many people from Europe and other places have made the trip over here. It really seems like we've gotten a much more international field this year so that is certainly encouraging.

Thanks so much for you time, Brandon.

No problem.


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Brandon Adams is one of those very skilled players who always seem to fly under the radar. He's said in the past he likes to keep a low profile, and it's obvious he's a laid-back guy.

It might be quite difficult to keep that low-profile status if he was to make it very deep in this year's Main Event, however. We're thinking it's likely he wouldn't mind dealing with a few more cameras in his face if he was able to take down the $9 million for first in the Main Event.

At any rate, keep an eye out for Adams in the coming months as he seems destined to take down a major poker tournament like many cash players before him.

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