Alexandre the Great: Gomes Wins Event 48

In the end it was Gomes who outlasted the eight other players at the final table and beat Marco Johnson in heads-up play to nab Brazil's first WSOP bracelet. sat down with Gomes for a quick chat just moments after his stunning victory.

You've just won over $700,000. How does that feel?

Good. Very good. I can't even describe what I'm feeling right now.

Do you have any plans for the money?

No, not yet.

We've heard you were an attorney before getting into poker - is that true?


How did you get into poker?

I've actually been a lawyer since 2005 and about six months ago I decided to start playing poker full time.

What was the reason behind the decision to play poker?

I started out just playing some friendly home games. Then I started playing online and really learned to love the game. I started getting some good results and I made the decision to play full-time.

We noticed you had a lot of fans on the rail ...

I wouldn't call them fans, really. They were all friends. We have a lot of good poker players in Brazil. I think this is the first bracelet of many for Brazilian players. I hope so, anyways.

Your fans were some of the most passionate we've seen at the WSOP this year. What makes Brazil so special?

We are a happy people. There's no real explanation for it.

Did you have a strategy heading into the final table?

Yeah. I played with a lot of the same players yesterday when the bubble lasted too long. My strategy was to make some aggressive moves. I thought the difference of the payouts would put some pressure on the other players. It worked out.

Were there any players you were particularly worried about?

Yes. Marco [Johnson]. I started playing the tournament with him and I played with him a lot yesterday. I was very worried about him but [in the end] everything was all right.

Would you have a message for any aspiring Brazilian poker players?

You need a lot of things to become a poker player. You can't just decide to do it. You have to study a lot and get your mind prepared. It's not an easy life like it seems. I recommend that poker players who are starting out to talk to other players. Take it slow. Do it step by step. Don't go straight to the WSOP.

Thank you very much.

No problem.

* * * * * * * * * * *

No one could have predicted Alexandre Gomes would win Event 48 - except for the huge crowd of cheering Brazilian fans. It turned out they were right to put their faith in their buddy. This is the first major tournament cash for Gomes and incredibly he catapults to first place on the all-time money winner list for Brazil.


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