What Would Jesus Do? He'd Go Swing Dancing!

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson stares intently.

With his long black leather trench coat, cold stare, and unruly Jesus hair, he looks like a pretty scary guy. And Chris "Jesus" Ferguson looks even scarier right after he gets eliminated in 13th place from a tournament, just four spots shy of the final table. That's what happened today, in Event 13, $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em.

I caught up with him just as he was leaving the tournament area to cash in his winnings. He wasn't all that talkative considering his fresh loss. We were led out through a side door of the Amazon Room and headed for the cashier room. It turns out he really isn't all that scary. I mean gosh, the guy likes swing dancing!

Here's what he had to say:

So how's it going today?

Well, just finished 13th. It's my second cash-in at the World Series this year. It's a reasonable start.

So you're satisfied with how you've been playing so far?

Yeah, I think so, I'm pretty satisfied. Gotta score again to make it all worthwhile. I really wanna cash-in at the Main Event. All the events are worth it but the Main Event is the one I really want.

Have you met any notable new players this year?

There are a lot of good players out there that nobody's ever heard of.

(Chris is now getting his payout, a sweet $19,641. He shows me the ticket.)

That's not bad.

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson

Tell me about the hand you went out in.

I had sixes and I raised in late position. Then the guy moved in on me with a pair of nines. I already pot-committed myself cause I was short-stacked from a previous hand that I lost. What can you do.

click here to see the hand

What are you gonna do tonight?

I really have no idea. I'll figure something out. I have a room here at the Rio, makes it pretty convenient.

If you weren't playing poker what would you be doing?

I have no idea. Wait, do you mean in general, or right now?

In general.

I have no idea. I don't really think about it. I really travel a lot for poker. I go to a lot of exotic places for poker. Sometimes I get tired of it, but for the most part, no. But I just keep on going. The World Series is really grilling. I'm playing every day until 2 or 3 in the morning. For the last 4 days I've been playing til like 2 or 3 in the morning. Sometimes I get back pain.

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson

Ok so what do you do besides play cards?

I like to go dancing. Swing dancing, mostly. In previous years I'd like go out dancing after, but this year I haven't gone out at all. Last year I literally went out like every night. I go with my girlfriend. There really isn't a good place to go swing dancing though, in Vegas. But we still try to go, we just find our own places. It's fun.

I don't get too much other exercise. My girlfriend's a personal trainer, and she's always trying to get me to train, but I haven't yet. But she doesn't play poker.

(He stares at me now. It seems awkward silences don't jar him as they do me.)

So. Well, congratulations, Chris. Enjoy the rest of your night.

Thanks. (nods cordially.)

* * * * * * * * * * *

So there you have it, my minute with Jesus. He'll be back to play in plenty more events, so keep your eyes on PokerListings.com for more action. And hit him up for some swing dancing if that's your kinda thing. I wonder if he wears his trench coat on the dance floor.

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