Taking the Fifth: Allen Cunningham's New Friend

Allen Cunningham
Allen Cunningham wins Event 13, World Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em at the 2007 WSOP

Five bracelets is elite territory. Like Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Phil Ivey and Stu Ungar elite; and now: Allen Cunningham.

With his win today in World Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em, Cunningham became one of seven players to take five bracelets. At 30, he's also one of six players to have taken bracelets in three consecutive years.

PokerListings.com sat down with Allen after today's victory to find out what makes this bracelet special and wonder where all the money goes.

What makes this time different from the last four?

Allen Cunningham
Allen Gets Number Five

They're not that different - when you make a final table it feels exciting and you're hoping to win it. The big similarity is that I did win those times. But each time the number of bracelets gets bigger, which makes it a little bit more fun.

Did you have a similar feeling at each of those final tables, or do you never know if you're going to take it?

No, I never really have an expectation. In fact, this time I was a little bit below average going into the final table and all eight other players were excellent as far as I was concerned. So I really thought that I might just come in third, fourth or fifth.

Allen Cunningham
Ready for Fourth

And I would've been satisfied with that. But then, half-way through I got a hold of some chips and I started thinking I'd probably make it down to heads-up.

In heads-up, you were pretty even for a long while. What was the turning point?

Yeah, almost all the way through it was pretty even. We were both making some little stabs at pots, and we really just broke even down until the blinds got to the final limit.

Jeff Lisandro
Where Are My Chips?

So it came down to me calling a raise from Jeff, and I guess I hit the flop when he didn't. He made a continuation bet which was a big pot for that stage, and I took it down so that gave me about a three-to-one chip lead, I think.

That was pretty much it; and then the last hand I had the worst hand going in, but he was short enough that I tapped him with the hand I had and it worked out.

You were making some jokes earlier about Beemers and kitchen renovations. You've been through this before - do you have plans for the money?

No, no - I'm just going to put it with the rest of my money.

In big bins, to swim in?

Allen Cunningham
Laundry Money

Yeah, sure. I haven't really done much for the last nine months, so this is a good paycheck.

So basically, this is just to cover rent for the last nine months?

That's right - after the laundry and the phone bill, I don't know how much will be left!

* * * * * * * * * * *

There should be something left. This, Cunningham's 30th career WSOP cash, puts him third on the World Series all-time money winners list. Only the last two Main Event winners have his $6,486,474 beat.

That should cover dry cleaning for a while; and there's bound to be more WSOP action coming his way. Stick with PokerListings.com as we follow Allen Cunningham's remarkable career through the biggest World Series of Poker of all time.

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