Pokerface: An Interview with Scott Clements

The Bracelet X2
Scott Clements wins Event 23, $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha, 2007 WSOP

Scott Clements has only been in the game a relatively short time but has already amassed a record that is the envy of many seasoned veterans. After his win here tonight Scott took a few minutes to sit down and talk.

Congratulations Scott. We first met you last year when you won your first bracelet - you also had a win in Niagara on the WPT and a WSOP Circuit ring in '05. You're already established as a player, so what does this win mean to you?

Well I think it does confirm it a little bit. Because you know, when you win that first bracelet people think anyone can do it. I did get a little more props from some people because it was a Hi-Lo tournament, so I did feel like it was a little better than just a Hold'em bracelet.

Scott Clements
All business.

But this really does confirm that I do know what I'm doing, that I know how to play more than one form of poker, and that I'm not just a one hit wonder.

Tell us about the final table. You had some tough players to deal with so take us through it.

I tried to stay aggressive but I really didn't want to put too many chips in pre-flop unless I had a pretty strong hand. I took some gambles but it was never really going to be a big hit to my stack. So I tried to stay aggressive and push people off hands as much as possible.

Because a lot of the time in this game, two players will get all the money in and it'll be a sixty-forty one way or the other. I just tried to keep the pressure on, but when the big money went in, I really wanted to have it.

Omaha Hi-Lo is your game but you also have titles in Hold'em. Where is your overall game at right now in terms of its development?

Scott Clements

I really feel like my Omaha Hi-Lo is getting better. I've been playing a bit of cash games, and I really think it's on the way up. The straight high I don't really play that much, but I play so much Hi-Lo that I just sort of kick out the low part and play hands that have value for high.

Its not just that I think Hi-Lo is my best game, but it's also most people's worst game. In Hold'em when you have a 10-person table, everyone's going to have at least a feel for the game. Whereas Omaha there are a lot of people in there who are just drawing dead from the start.

What sort of stuff were you doing to get ready for the WSOP?

Scott Clements
I see the light!

I guess I didn't really take it easy. I was really excited for the WSOP; it's my favorite time for poker. I didn't come down to Vegas before the series. Its not my wife's or my favorite place so we stayed away. But I flew down and played the main event at Heavenly Hold'em and went up to play Johnny Chan's tournament in Vancouver.

You got married in the last year, how is that working out with your poker schedule?

It's going great. We talked for a long time about my wife stopping working, she was a hairdresser. So now she's actually quit working and started traveling full time with me so its definitely a plus for me, for her and for my game.

I was going to ask, do you think this will have a positive effect on your game?

Definitely, she's always been one of the strongest forces in my life. She takes very good care of me when we're together.

I have to ask, during interviews you're a really upbeat and friendly guy but at the table and in pictures you flat out refuse to smile. What's the deal?

All Business
Even in victory.

You know, I really respect the way Phil Ivey plays, and I really respect the way he acts towards other players, he's all business at the table. I hate the antics of some players when they're jumping up and down and calling out cards.

If you hit your card then great, but you don't need to rub it in the other guy's face.

So is it a matter of respect for other players or more to promote a good table image?

Scott Clements and Anthony O'Hagan

I think it does give me a good image at the table, but it's more respect for the other players. I just hate it when people rub things in. When I win a hand of course I feel good inside, but you might have just busted the other guy out of the final table and that can't feel good.

I mean, this is a friendly game and it's supposed to be that way so there's never any reason to rub it in.

So what can we expect from you for rest of the summer?

I think I've played 11 events, and I registered for like 23. I had to pull out of a few, but I'll be playing about 20 events.

Well you're off to a great start, congratulations again.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It's true that there is a sharp contrast between the Scott Clements you meet at the table and see in winner photos and the Scott Clements you may talk with away from the felt. Whatever he's doing while playing it must be working. Scott's currently leading the race for Player of the Year at this WSOP so it will be interesting to see if he can go the distance.

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