PLZOMG: Mizrachi is Champion!

Robert Mizrachi wins Event 50, $10,000 PLO World Championship, 2007 WSOP

In one of the most star-studded final table line-ups of the WSOP thus far, Robert Mizrachi was able to outlast them all, thwarting Doyle Brunson's efforts to take down his eleventh bracelet and sending countless other pros to the rail empty-handed.

After the victory Mizrachi began the lengthy process of getting paid. While I waited patiently for Robert, his brother Eric gave me his thoughts on the win.

Robert's had a really good year but what do you think this win means to him?

Eric Mizrachi

This one actually means a whole lot to him you know? He's been looking to win a World Series bracelet for the past five or six years and now he's finally got it so it means a lot. It's really good for him and I'm really happy for him.

He was playing really good poker all throughout this event. Do you think he reached the peak of his potential here at the final table?

Most definitely, he played his A-game today for sure. There was a lot of luck of course but he played his best.

He had some pretty bad coolers a few times but he seemed to handle it well. Do you think that's a strength in his game?

It's a celebration!

Yeah actually when that happened I screamed out, "Don't worry about it, it's all good. The bracelet's yours." And he knew it, he felt it. Then he just went right through them. I'm really happy for him!

Thanks Eric.

After Robert had taken care of the paperwork needed to secure his close to $800,000 prize, he took a few minutes to speak about winning his first bracelet.

You've had a lot of success in the last few years but what does this win mean to you?

Robert Mizrachi
PCA final table.

It means a lot to me of course. Poker's my life and I'm playing my best right now so I'm very happy with the accomplishment. And this is a game that Europeans are the best in the world at so I felt like it was a real challenge for me. But I'm part European myself. It was very exciting because I think it was more challenging than any other event.

Speaking of the field, it was really stacked right from Day 1 witha lot of the best European players in it. How did you feel about the level of play and how it compared with other events here at the WSOP?

Well, this field is the toughest field that's possible because it's full of the best players in the world playing a game that requires all math and strategy, and that's why there's really nothing else that could excite me more than winning this event.

On the point of tough fields, the final table had a lot of great players. You ended up going heads-up against Rene Mouritsen but would you rather have faced someone else if you had the chance?

Doyle Brunson and Patrik Antonius
The competition.

Well, it was really tough having Patrik and Doyle to my left but I was definitely happy to play Rene heads-up. But it's hard to say because I'd rather beat Patrik. Patrik and I are friends. But I'm just really happy with the way everything worked out.

You had Rene down to like three or four hundred thousand and he doubled up three times in a row. Were you getting worried at that point or did you just feel like you had to keep pushing?

I was just thinking that I'd keep bringing him down low in chips and then he'd have to get lucky to come back up. That was my strategy against him and it worked out perfectly so I'm really proud of myself for that.

Robert Mizrachi

You were playing great poker the whole tournament but do you feel like you reached the peak of your playing potential?

Yeah, it's going to be hard for me to ever play as well as I have in the last few days but if I do I'll be proud of myself win or lose. I just couldn't believe that I was able to perform as well as I did and the field was so phenomenally tough that it made it that much greater.

Thanks Rob and congratulations again.

Mizrachi had a difficult road to his first bracelet, wading through the likes of Doyle Brunson, Marco Traniello, Steve Sung, Patrik Antonius and finally, Rene Mouritsen. Along with his two brothers Michael and Eric, the Mizrachis are quickly becoming the Baldwins of the poker world, only with more talent.

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