Love, Luck and Life With Rafi Amit

Rafi Amit wins Event 48, $1,000 2-7 Triple Draw, 2007 WSOP

Rafi Amit and Lenny Martin made some kind of deal at the heads-up final table of Event 48, to split the prize money. Why? Because they were playing Deuce-to-Seven Lowball Triple-Draw, and at some point in that sort of game, it just becomes a game of luck.

When Rafi finally raked in all the chips for the win with 2-3-4-6-7, he barely had time to enjoy it because he was racing off to play in the Omaha Hi-Lo tournament.

But before he could scoot off to the tournament area, I made sure to corner him and pester him about a few things. Hey, that's what we do.

Here's our brief little banter:

Okay, lets talk. How much longer do I have on this break? Five minutes?

I think you have like seven minutes. So do you like your bracelet? Was your other one nicer?

Yeah of course - this is too thin! Look! I don't care about diamonds but it's just too thin! It's like, for girls!

Well you can give it to your girlfriend to wear [I motion to the girl I assume he brought with him.]

(Laughs.) I have to find one first! Do you want to be my girlfriend? (Posse Laughs.)

So tell me for real, were you guys playing seriously at the table?

Well of course. Even though we were having a lot of fun - I've known Lenny for a long time, we play a lot at the Bellagio - and it was a very friendly table and that made it a lot of fun.


I know he wanted to win, and I - I felt bad for him. Obviously I wanted to win too. He for sure was the best player there. And in the end, it was all luck. So…it was very nice. And now I got this Omaha tournament going - it's my baby, you know?

You care way more about this Omaha tournament, huh?

Hell yeah. I didn't really care about the bracelet in this one.

So do you play Deuce-to-Seven often?

Yeah yeah, I usually play it in cash games, you know, high stakes. And a little bit online. It's a game I like.

[Lenny Martin, the 2nd place finisher comes up to us.]

Lenny, Lenny. This is Lenny. Say something for this lady.

Lenny: If I ever had to lose to anyone in the World Series of Poker again, I would want to lose it to him again.

That's so nice! Look how good he's making you look!

Yes he's very nice!

So you guys gonna hang out and celebrate together?

Tonight? No! I haven't slept for two days and -

[Another interruption - this time it's Greg Mueller, who's playing in Day 2 of the $1,500 NLHE]

Greg: Buddy! You're the greatest! Congrats!

Thanks! Yeah, so hopefully I will keep playing in the tournament tomorrow and get some rest tonight. And…the champagne will be flying a bit tonight or for the next couple days for sure.

So tell me how this bracelet compares to your first.

The first was about, a hundred times better. First it was the first, and second it was the game I like the most and I try to, like, be one of the better ones in that game. It rewards pretty well. I don't play in a lot of events. Maybe like, eight events. This was my first cash.

The Man.

It's a pretty big cash.

The cash is alright, and uh, yeah the win is very very nice, it's nice to beat everybody!

[Yet another interruption from some random guy, congratulating him.]

Wow, you're like some kind of hero.

No! I'm not a hero.

It's probably because it's Deuce-to-Seven - it's quite a different game, right?

It is a different game. But I tell you, if I play Omaha and I win it, I say, okay, I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm better than all those people. But this game I mean, Lenny is a better player than me, he knows the game better. I'm not playing better than him, he's very very good. And to win this, you have to get very very lucky.

Tonight I got very lucky. I got a very good hand, deuce to seven. About three hours ago I was down, and then I had to steal the blinds, and suddenly I had a lot, and then you know, I did good. We started heads up and he was 2-1 chips and obviously I had to make some hands. There aren't a lot of bluffs in this game. And I'll tell you the truth, I love it.

You think you're a lucky guy?

Look. Everybody is lucky, as soon as they start living. Seriously that's what I think I mean a lot of people sit around and are grumpy all day - how can something go well for them? They don't like to open a door, they always think about the bad stuff.

That's wonderful. Well I'll let you get on with your break. Congratulations Rafi.

Thanks. Hope I helped you out.

* * * * * * * * * * *

And with that, Rafi shot off into the men's bathroom to finish off the rest of his break from the Omaha Hi-Lo tournament. He returned to the felt with less than $3,000 chips, but he is anxious to build it back up. applauds Rafi's positive spirit and win, and wishes him all the best in his pursuit for his third WSOP bracelet.

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