Josh Evans Goes for Gold at the Main Event

Evans maintained around $2,000,000 in chips for most of the day even though he had to play against top professionals like Carlos Mortensen, Gus Hansen and Lee Watkinson. Evans is no stranger to being the chip leader (he was the overall chip leader of Day 1D) so don't expect anybody to push him around. caught up with Evans during the dinner break:

How is your day going?

Today is going awesome. It seems like every time I have a pair I flop a set and people are betting hard into me. I play very aggressive so it's been hard for people to put me on a hand today. I'm getting paid off like crazy.

Has your table been pretty tough?

Well the table I'm currently on is my third one and it is pretty tough. There are three, I'm pretty sure they Vietnamese players, who are really good and then I've got Lee Watkinson directly to my left. [Watkinson] is a really solid player. It's a tough table.

Josh Evans
Josh Evans

How has your tournament gone overall?

I've increased my stack every day. I was actually chip leader of Day 1D. That day was kind of like today in the respect that I was getting great hands and getting paid off for them. I never really got outdrawn or anything like that. I've only been all-in for my tournament life two times. Today I was actually all-in for one hand.

Do you remember the hand?

Yeah, I raised with pocket tens and the small blind kinda baby raised me and I was scared right then. I really didn't want to bust out with tens. The flop came 10-3-4 rainbow and he bet out. I re-raised pretty big hoping he had an over pair or something but then he pushed all-in. I made the call and he flipped over aces. My hand held so that was huge for me. That was the only time since day one that I'd been all-in for my tournament life. It was pretty nerve-wracking.

Where abouts are you from and how long have you been playing poker?

Josh Evans
Not joshing around.

I'm from Plano, which is right outside Dallas. I've been playing since I was about 18 years old. Me and my buddies would always have $5 tournaments when we were in high school. I've been playing for awhile but this is only my second WSOP. My first one was last year. It was actually the first one I was old enough to play in.

How did you do?

I played five events and then the Main Event. I cashed in none and didn't do well. I think I've improved my game a lot since then. I'm feeling really confident.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

I'm pretty solid. If I'm going to make a play I try to pick the best spot to do it and against players I know it well work against. I mean two of the people at my table today are gamblers and I try to not get involved in hands with them unless I have to.

Do you have a certain strategy at this point when players are starting to think about the final table?

My strategy is all based on the size of my stack compared to the average stack. Right now I'm about two and a half times the average stack but there's still 150 players so I won't be comfortable until I'm down to like 60 players. I want to remain two and a half times the average stack.

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen

Are there any players you look up to?

I've played with a ton of guys this tournament. I was very intimidated by Carlos Mortensen. I played with him for a long time. I also played with Gus Hansen for awhile today and he was pretty intimidating. Lee Watkinson scares the hell out of me and he's directly on my left so it sucks.


Thanks a lot, Josh. Good luck to you.

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Evans is one of those players that really came from no where to surprise a lot of people at the Main Event. Now the question is if he can maintain that high level of play even when he's not getting the cards. Keep checking to see if this young player can find a way to secure a spot at the final table.

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