Jeffrey Lisandro - Its been a long time coming!

Jeffrey Lisandro
Jeffrey Lisandro wins Event 32 Seven-Card Stud

Before today, Jeffrey Lisandro was widely felt to be the best poker player in the world not to have won a WSOP Gold Bracelet. He came a disappointing second in the $5,000 World Championship Pot Limit Hold'em event just one week ago, but managed to get the monkey off his back in Stud today. caught up with Lisandro just moments after he took down the $2000 Seven-Card Stud Event 32. Tears came to the man's eyes when he sat down for the ESPN interview and it was obvious he was a lot more than a little excited to have finally won.

So is this the monkey off your back or what?

I feel really good. I've done it...Finally!

You wanted a bracelet so badly, but you came up a little short in the Pot-Limit event last week. Today you came in as chip leader, but you lost a big one on the first hand to Daniel Negreanu, did it feel like a little deja vu?

Jeffrey Lisandro

(Coming second) felt devastating. But I came in (today) really positive. Then, right off the bat, the first hand I had Queens and they got cracked by J-9-7 and I lost a massive pot for about one third of my chips and I said here it is, the old familiar story. Then I went right down to nearly nothing, but I fought back.

At one point you did have nothing; All in showing a pair of fours, what were you thinking then?

I thought I needed luck, but the pair of fours was the best hand and they held up. It was a good feeling...amazing!

You won $188,426 for first, but you're a heck of a lot more excited to see that gold on your wrist I imagine?

I'm trying to calm down actually. I'm just feeling a little bit elevated. I'm flying (laughs). For me it's just the bracelet. The money's worth nothing. It was just the bracelet!

Nick Frangos
Frangos - Maybe next time.

Suddenly, we were interrupted by second place finisher Nick Frangos:

Frangos: Congratulations!

Lisandro: Thank you. I feel for you buddy.

Frangos: Don't feel bad for me. You played really good.

Sounds like you truly feel badly Jeffrey?

Yes I do. It's a bad feeling to come second, but he's a good player and he's a young man, so I'm pretty sure he'll win a bracelet someday. It was a devastating feeling for me when I came second and it was only a week ago and I do feel for him. What can I say?

Well, let's talk a little about the structure of the event. By the end, the limits are so high as the chip leader you only had only nine or ten big bets. Is at all about the luck of the cards at that point?

Daniel Negreanu
Pressure? What pressure?

This had nothing to do with luck. It's the complete opposite. I won a lot of blinds and antes with absolutely nothing and that's what kept me in this tournament. I was winning all the hands with absolutely nothing. It's an illusion. They're afraid. They're on camera. They should be calling me down with a really bad hand but they don't. Maybe it was the pressure of the audience.

Some of the hands I played were absolutely incredible. I'll look like the worst player in the world, but I knew that my opponents would only call me with a good hand so I knew that my strategy was correct.

Nice strategy for Stud. Is it your best game?

Jeffrey Lisandro

I think I'm a great all around player without being the best at any game. That's why I get a lot of results at different tournaments and I should eventually win one. But to say Stud is my game; I can't do that.

What's next Jeffrey, looks like you are ready to sit down in the Omaha event that started today?

I'm going to play in the next event. I don't know how I'm going to go I just feel a little more comfortable with a few cards in my hand.


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Congratulations Jeffrey. One look at your past tournament results and it's easy to agree you deserve this. It's been a long time coming and no one expects number two to be such a tough journey. will catch up with you then I'm sure.

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