It's All Over Baby: Scotty Nguyen on Day 6

Scotty Nguyen
Scotty Nguyen playing in Day 6 of Event 55, World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em at the 2007 WSOP

With the field narrowed down to just seventeen players going into the dinner break, things are starting to get serious. It's not exactly an amateur field, but one man stands head and shoulders above the rest. The 1998 world champion, Scotty Nguyen, is alive and going strong, looking to relive the glory from close to a decade past.

Playing at the feature table in front of a large audience of fans, Nguyen was focused on the game, giving us less of the fanfare than we're used to. As the dinner break began, Scotty was gracious enough to give us a few quick words. Leading a procession of admirers, supporters, and other players, I spoke with the Prince of Poker as we walked down the halls of the Rio Convention Center.

Tuan Lam, the chip leader. He think he walk on water but he gets lucky. He's crazy baby, you know? You know baby, if I'm still in there I'll make sure nobody wins but me!

Thanks Scotty, good luck.

Few are more emblematic of the professional card player than Scotty Nguyen. A favorite of both fans and cameras alike, Nguyen shows a lot of personality on the felt while still showing respect to his fellow players. It remains to be seen if he will survive to make the final table but one thing's for sure, he has a lot of people pulling for him.

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