Goldberg Finally Gold - Fred Goldberg Wins Event 40

Fred Goldberg
Fred Goldberg, winner of Event 40, Mixed Hold'em

Fred Goldberg came to the final table of Event 40 as the most well-known name. Last year Goldberg busted out 10th from the Main Event and was extremely disappointed about missing the chance to win the a World Championship gold bracelet.

A little less than a year later Goldberg has rectified that loss and now has a bracelet to call his own. caught up with new bracelet holder right after his big win.

Is this a bit of validation after busting out 10th in last year's Main Event?

Well I finished fourth at Foxwood's Poker Classic and I was disappointed again because I thought I was going to win that one. I also busted out ninth at this year's WSOP shootout event and I thought I would do better there. So yeah I've been disappointed quite a bit. It's a monkey off my back to win.

There's no question you've been playing some great poker in the last year is this bracelet a sign that you're here to stay?

For sure. I want to be up there with the top pros and with this bracelet I feel that I am. I already knew I could play with them but the bracelet will show that I'm right there with them.

What did you think of your heads-up competition Rene Mouritsen? It seemed like you guys were long-lost friends.

Rene Mouritsen
Rene Mouritsen

I was getting along with him well. Actually yesterday I lost a few hands to him and he felt like my nemesis. He was the only one in the tournament I really had my eye on. I felt very good about my heads-up battle with him. I had a dominating chip lead but at one point I gave up some chips to him.

I felt, I dunno, not like I was on tilt or anything but I was thinking in my head, 'Why did I give up those chips to him and let him back in the game.' It really worked out OK though. I mean I ended up winning.

What are your feelings on the final table? Did it play out like you thought it would?

The final table played out fine. I lost on a big hand, I had ace-king suited against ace-10. I played smart though and didn't do anything silly. I just managed to get heads-up and things went from there.

Fred Goldberg
Happy Fred!

Was there a turning point in the tournament for you?

Yeah. At one point I had just 400 chips and I was involved in a hand. I won the hand and right from there I just played solid poker and was never really behind. I made a couple of bluffs in limit that worked out for me. Actually this is my first limit event. I've never played limit before. I really got into the game after one or two hours of it.

What made you decide to play a mixed tournament?

I was actually at the Bellagio and I busted out. I came over here and I actually had the money in my pocket so I figured I'd just go ahead and play. It worked out that I had a great first table. I played with a lot of confidence and it went really well.

When talked to you last year after you busted out of the Main Event you said that could have beaten any of the people at the final table so I guess confidence has never really been your problem?

Fred Goldberg
Fred Goldberg and his wife celebrating.

No question about it. No-Limit is all I played back home and I really felt that I had an edge over all the people there. I mean Allen Cunningham was there and he's obviously very good but I still felt I had an edge. It just didn't work out for me. I don't know we'll have to see this year. Maybe I'll make another run. I'd be happy with another 10th place finish though. (Laughs.)

Do you play No-Limit Hold'em exclusively?

I used to but I did play seven-card stud this year. I bubbled the money but I was really happy with my play. I picked the game up really quick. Obviously today's tournament was the first time I'd played limit. I play cards. All the games start to come to you.

You might want to open yourself up to a few more new games after this.

(Laughs.) Maybe. We'll see. No-Limit is definitely my main game but sure I might play a few more games after this.

How many more events are you going to enter at the WSOP this summer?

I'm going to enter one more event. I'm going out of town for awhile but I'll be back for the Main Event.

Congratulations Fred. Enjoy your bracelet!


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With his win in Event 40, Goldberg has solidified his place in professional poker. Many players that finish well in the Main Event are never seen from again but Goldberg has successfully bucked that trend by playing some fantastic poker in the last year. Now he has the one thing he was lacking - a WSOP bracelet. His second one should be just around the corner.


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