Go Moscow! Alexander Kravchenko Wins Event 9

Alexander Kravchenko
Alexander Kravchenko shows off the hardware on the final day of the 2007 WSOP Event 9, Omaha High/Low Split Eight or Better.

Although Alexander Kravchenko wasn't the most vocal member of the Event 9, Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight-or-Better final table, his actions definitely spoke louder than his words. Kravchenko bided his time at the table and was eventually able to trounce pro Bryan Devonshire. He did it all with a stone cold face that never faltered. PokerListings.com talked with Kravchenko after his big win.

What did you think of your heads-up opponent Bryan Devonshire?

I think he played very good. He was very aggressive. I played to get some good flops, and I was lucky I got them. If I didn't get them I wouldn't have won.

Do you think you guys were very different players?

I don't think we were very different players. When one player starts playing aggressive, I think you have to compensate for that. So when he was really aggressive, I had to play a waiting game and try to catch him in a bad hand. I can also be quite aggressive at times.

Alex Kravchenko

How long have you been playing poker?

About eight or nine years. I would consider myself semi-professional.

Is this the biggest tournament you've ever won?

Yes it is.

Would you consider yourself an Omaha Hi-Lo specialist?

No this is definitely not my best game. It's one of my best, but I also play Hold 'em games. Stud is probably my best game.

What does it mean to you winning a WSOP bracelet?


Not a big deal to you?

No, I can say that I wanted to win it, but I wanted to win any big tournament. It was my dream.

Final Table

Are you going to be jumping on the poker circuit for the rest of the year?

No I can't, because I live in Russia.

What about the rest of this year's WSOP, will you play in any more events?


I'm going to enter as many events as I can.


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Although Kravchenko speaks in slightly broken English, it's obvious he can be a force on the poker table. Kravchenko will likely take his poker face, one of the best I've seen this summer, deep into more events this year. Bryan Devonshire was an experienced opponent and an excellent test for Kravchenko. There were many times the Russian could have lost his patience and gone on tilt, but he never did. Look out for Kravchenko the rest of summer.


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