Frankie First! - Frankie O'Dell Wins Event 44

Frankie O'Dell
Frankie O'Dell wins Event 44, $2,000 Omaha Hi-Lo, 2007 WSOP

All eyes were on Marcel Luske at the final table of Event 44, Omaha Hi/Lo Split but perhaps they should have been on well-known Omaha pro Frankie O'Dell. After all, O'Dell won the exact same event in 2003 so who better to win?

In the end it was indeed O'Dell who took the bracelet beating out Luske and the others. Even better, O'Dell had such a commanding chip lead three handed that he basically had it in the bag. Talk about domination! caught up with O'Dell after his big win:

So Frankie, how does this bracelet compare to your first one?

Nothing ever compares to the first time you win a bracelet. It's like winning the Super Bowl. The first one is always the one you remember the most. It's the first time you can call yourself a world champion.

It's good though. I came up the MVP on this one and it's a great feeling.

Frankie O'Dell wins Event 44.

What did you think of the final table? Marcel Luske came in the chip leader. Were you concerned about him?

I'm not really worried about any opponent when I come to the table. I go out there and try to get the best of it. Whatever happens, happens. I just try to win all the pots I'm in and hopefully win the last one, which I did. That's the way I play.

What did you think of your heads-up opponent, Thang Luu?

It was over by the time we got to heads-up play. I mean I was raising almost every hand. It was almost like a TKO.

How did the tournament go overall?

I started very well. I took a few beats. I lost my composure for only like two hands during the whole tournament. There were some hands that I regretted but I regrouped and came back today and it really turned out well.

The Final Table
The final table of Event 44

You won the 2003 WSOP Omaha Hi/Lo Eight-or-Better event as well. Is that your preferred game?

Well I came in 9th at the WPT No-Limit Hold'em 10k. I've won a few no-limit tournaments and I won a limit tournament in '97. So I can play a lot of games. I love Omaha, though. It's almost like even money for me to do something here every year. This is a game where I don't think I can get any better.

The eliminations came fast and furious in the last hour of play. Was it hard to keep up with the pace?

Frankie O'Dell
One cool customer.

Not really. It worked out well for me because by the time we got three-handed it was basically over. I had it. It was like, 'Who's playing for second?' That's the way I like to play tournaments.

What's your plans for the rest of the series? Are you going to be playing in more events?

Right now I'm just going to savor the moment of winning another bracelet. I'm definitely going to play in the Main Event but other than that I don't know. We'll see what happens.

Thanks and congratulations, Frankie.


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Many people might have pinned O'Dell as an underdog heading into today's final table but he managed to rip apart the competition. One of the world's best Omaha players, O'Dell used to be known for his blowouts and subsequent tilting but in today's event he showed poise and patience. At any rate in the future if the game is Omaha and you see O'Dell at your table be prepared to lose some chips.

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John O'Dell 2009-10-30 13:25:00

Its a shame that Frankie stated in an interview that his father was a mexican-american who was adopted by an Irish-American family. That is not true and I am not sure why he made this statement. Congrats on the gambling wins and take care.

mario aguilar 2009-07-14 08:30:00

im a childhood friend of frank's in denver! would love to get ahold of him...nuthin but smiles in the mile high for the kid from the NORTH side

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