Dao Bac: First Vietnamese WSOP Bracelet Winner of 2007

Dao Bac
Dao Bac wins the 2007 WSOP Event 51 $1,000 S.H.O.E.

Dao Bac barely speaks English. But overwhelming joy and happiness need no language to communicate. You could see it all over his face, his wife's face, and on the faces of all the friends who came to cheer him on.

The $1,000 S.H.O.E. tournament ended today and it was down to Dao Bac and Adam Geyer heads-up, after name players like Chip Jett and Raymond Davis busted out.

Dao took the win when he hit two-pair with sevens and fours - with the final four card arriving on the river, exempting Adam Geyer's middle pair.

Click here for Dao's hand.

Despite his broken English, I managed to get an interview with him via translation through another gentleman - who did not speak great English either, but did suffice. Nolan Dalla was around for the interview as well, and we tackled the posse together in a somewhat comprehendible parlay.

Here is the conversation:

How do you feel?

He's very happy. He's played poker a long time and this is the first time he's won a World Series event. That's why he's very happy. It's his first bracelet, too.

How many events have you played in?

He's played in nine. He's been at a final table at the Bellagio - Stud Hi-Lo. He was fourth place in that. In 2005.

So is this your family you have with you to cheer you on (Bac has a posse of about six Vietnamese men and one lady, his wife, with him.)?

Yeah. All friends, family.

What will you do to celebrate tonight?

Take his wife, go for dinner, be happy. (laughs.)

You'll probably buy your wife something nice, right?

[Motions to his bracelet.] This one here's for her! (chorus of laughs from posse.)

Dao Bac

So I see you had a book with you the entire time you were playing. What is it? (Bac is holding onto a leather-bound, brown book with gold-gilded Vietnamese lettering on it.)

It's a Buddha book.

Nolan Dalla: I saw you reading that the whole tournament! What is it?

It's like the bible. Buddha bible.

Nolan: And he was reading it for what reason? Please explain.

It makes him cool down, make him relaxed.

When did you come here from Vietnam?

He came here nineteen years ago, but he only plays poker, so his English is not too good!

[At this point another excited posse member jumps in, eager to comment.]

He is the first Vietnamese to win this year, right? Usually every year Vietnamese wins a bracelet but this year he's the first one.

Nolan: That's true! Usually a lot of Vietnamese players win. It's very very true, it's been about 40 years. Thank you for that information!

Congratulations sir, enjoy your money.


* * * * * * * * * * *


And there you have it - the first Vietnamese player to win a bracelet at the 2007 WSOP.

We wish Dao Bac all the best in his poker career and are ever so grateful for his English-speaking friends.

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