Can the Captain Sweep the Series? Kirk Morrison in London

Kirk Morrison and Steve Billirakis
Kirk Morrison: all smiles but still all business.

Kirk Morrison has been a favorite of for quite some time now, a mantle that owes as much to his friendly and down-to-earth demeanor as it does to his not inconsiderable talents at the poker tables.

Earlier in 2007, Morrison caught the attention of the poker gurus at PokerListings when he cashed in a record-tying four straight Joe Beevers in his path, Morrison will have a tough road to follow in order to claim the first of his intended trifecta of victories, but is certainly in a good position to do it. If the Captain does manage to pull out a win on Saturday, buckle up: the Kiwi Kid has proven in the past he can put streaks together, and the World Series of Poker Europe might just be the ideal time for another one.

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