Boutin's Bounty: Second WSOP Gold Bracelet For Burt Boutin

Burt Boutin is Champion
Burt Boutin takes down Event 7, $5,000 PLO World Championship

Pumped with adrenaline and about twenty Red Bulls, Burt Boutin took home his second World Series of Poker gold bracelet tonight for the $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha event. After his nemesis David "Devilfish" Ulliot was eliminated in third place, he was heads-up against Erik Cajelais.

He entered the battle with fewer chips but quickly hit the good stuff and built up his stack, riding on to the gold bracelet. Click here to see the winning hand.

I caught up with Mr. Boutin just outside the Amazon Room where he was accosted by reporters (like me). The friendly guy was overjoyed and gave me some insight to his tremendous win.

So this is your second gold bracelet. Is this one sweeter than the first?

You know what? It really is. The field was a lot tougher, and like I tell everybody it's validating. When you win two, it means you're a real poker player. And this is probably the third most prestigious event in the World Series.

What event do you plan on playing next?

I'll be playing Friday, in the $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em event.

Burt Boutin Celebrates

And you're gonna get your third one right? One for each kid?

I'm gonna try to do it!

(Johnny Chan steps in, exiting the Poker Kitchen)

Johnny: You win man?


Johnny: Congratulations.

Thanks Johnny. (Burt turns back to me, beaming)


You started out heads-up with less chips than Erik Cajelais. How did you deal with that?

Well I just - you know what it is? The whole thing is I gamble too quick. I put him on two pair, I had the flush draw and thought my king or queen would be live if I hit that. I mean obviously if I knew he had a set I wouldn't of done that. But I mean, I put him on the two pair, and I thought if I had the king, the queen or the spades, I'd do it.

The problem is when I raised him and he re-raised me, I couldn't afford to call him because my chips woulda went down to $1.3 million. And then on the turn he woulda hit it again and then I would be at a huge disadvantage with the chips. So I had to decide to gamble at that point. Because he would have had a commanding chip lead if I just called there. So I had to gamble.

Good Choice.


So you were at the final table again with The Devilfish. How'd ya like that?

We have a great thing - really, we're just great friends. Even where poker's concerned, we get along great.

You're gonna have to buy him a drink.

(Laughs.) Yes. That's the least I can do.

Burt Boutin

You mentioned you have kids. Do you guys play family poker?

My daughter knows how to play a little bit, but my son doesn't have that much interest. My girlfriend's daughter, she plays - she's really good. She's 10 years old.

How would you feel about your kids following your lead?

My kids … I just want them to be happy. Whatever direction they wanna go, I'm happy.

Well poker's a happy sport tonight.

Sure is!

So what are you gonna do tonight to celebrate?

Uh, probably not much. Gonna have a couple of drinks, and just relax and go home and sleep. I'm exhausted.

Well I'll let you go home then. Congratulations.

* * * * * * * * * * *

And there it is. The night has come to an end, and Burt's fancy khaki suit is wrinkled from playing hours upon hours of Omaha, but he finally gets to go home - $883,755 richer. He will be back to play for his third WSOP bracelet, and we at wish him good luck.

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