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Alexander Kravchenko
Alexander Kravchenko, Event 55, World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em - Day 7, 2007 World Series of Poker.

Alex Kravchenko came in to the final table of the 2007 WSOP Main Event the short stack but he would not go away.


Eventually, the cards did not fall in the Russian's favour and busted out fourth. Following his exit he took the time to chat with about his 2007 Jerry Yang seemed to want to take over the table with aggressive play from the get go. Was your strategy just to sit back and wait for a hand to pick him off?

I think No-Limit Hold'em is the kind of game where luck is such a huge factor in tournaments. If it was Limit with this kind of structure I think the skill would be much more of a factor.

It's hard to say how well he was playing because I didn't see his cards. Maybe he made a few bad calls on showdowns, but generally I think he played the best.

When I was short stacked I was certainly waiting for a chance to take a pot with a medium hand without a showdown or a really good hand with a showdown.

On your final hand you shoved with Big Slick, would you do it again if given the chance?

For sure. I knew it was a race or I was way ahead against a weak ace. I knew he couldn't have Aces or Kings.

With one bracelet this year and this huge cash you must be thinking of the Alex Kravchenko?

I want to go home as soon as possible because I've been here for six weeks already and I'm tired.

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Kravchenko had a great 2007 WSOP and will definitely be looking forward to the opportunity to watch him play again - no matter where it is!

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