Interview with Noah "fourUhaters" Schwartz on Day 4 of the WPT Borgata Poker Classic

Noah Schwartz
Noah Schwartz, 2008 Borgata Poker Classic - Day 4.

Don't be hatin'. Noah Schwartz, also known as fourUhaters online, had a problem getting respect when he originally got into poker, which was the reason he chose his online screen name. The haters seem to be disappearing as Schwartz prepares for his first prestigious final table at the WPT.

Schwartz played four days of solid poker and put himself in a position to do major damage at the final table. If nothing else he has secured at least $233,600. talked to the cordial Schwartz a few minutes after Day 4 ended.

So Noah what did you think of the action today, particularly at the last table?

Overall I didn't have very good cards. I picked my spots really well and a few times I squeezed with absolute air. I'm used to playing online so it's a little bit different. Earlier this year I won the Sunday Million.

It was an extremely tough table. I mean we had Justin Bonomo who opened a bunch of pots so you had to be very, very selective when you wanted to come over the top on him. And then there was also Men [The Master] to deal with as well.

Jerry Yang put a bad beat on me. Then again, Jerry Yang pretty much put a bad beat on everyone.

I'm really excited to make this WPT TV final table though. I'm guaranteed at least a quarter of a million dollars and I'm getting married soon so it's really exciting.

Things are going well for you then?

Things are going great. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow - hopefully I become a WPT champion.

What are your thoughts heading into tomorrow?

I'm going to stick to my game. I'm going to have selective aggression. I know that Gavin is opening a lot of pots and David [Tran] is re-raising a lot so I think I could find myself in a good situation as long as I'm patient. I have about 30-40 big blinds and I'm feeling comfortable. There are two short stacks as well so if they bust that's another $150,000 in the bank. I can't complain about that.

Thanks a lot Noah; best of luck tomorrow.

No problem.

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Earlier this year Schwartz proved he could be a force at a final table when he made it all the way to the final table of the PokerStars Sunday Million and then proceeded to win the entire tournament. Schwartz now finds himself at another table where the prizes are lucrative but this time he will have to get through Gavin Griffin and David Tran if he wants a shot at WPT glory. In any case there just aren't that many people hating on Schwartz these days!

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