Captain Crab: Shawn Buchanon Rides Pocket Treys To Greatness

Buchanon, who had dominated the chip-leaderboard in the Greg Mueller looked more excited than you did that you'd won. You're both from Vancouver; are you two pretty tight?

Yeah, we room together on the road and he's taught me a lot over the last few years, so he was excited.

What are you going to do with the money?

I don't know. Hopefully invest some, help out my family and stuff, and I don't know, have some fun with it. (Laughs.)



Buchanon, a 25-year-old pro from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, is a protégé of Greg "FBT" Mueller. During a dinner break from the $5,000 Mixed Hold'em World Championship at the WSOP, Mueller hightailed it to Mandalay Bay, arriving sweat-soaked and out of breath, just in time to see his young associate accept Mike Sexton's victory toast.

Mueller, hysterical in the face of Buchanon's unflappable calm, had to be restrained by a WPT staffer from bursting onto the stage. Eventually he broke free, and joined Buchanon in his victory celebration, posing for pictures and interviews with a bigger grin than the champ's himself. Then he hurried back over to the Rio, where he proceeded to final-table his event under the watchful eye of the victorious Buchanon. Mueller is second in chips going into tomorrow's final day, and if all goes well for FBT and his champion cheering-section, the first weekend in June could prove to be an auspicious start to what promises to be a tremendous summer for the two Canadians.

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