A Couple Words With Robert Mizrachi

Robert Mizrachi
Robert Mizrachi, WPT World Championship - Day 3, WPT Season 6

Rob Mizrachi needs a new nickname. Dude's current pseudonym - "Bro Grinder" - just ain't cutting it, and may in fact be contributing to his tragic anonymity. Mizrachi's brother Michael is one of the best-known young players on the tournament circuit, and while it would be incorrect to suggest his fame is due solely to his nickname ("The Grinder", duh), it can't have hurt.

What Robert doesn't need right now are chips. The Grinder's older brother came into Day 3 of the World Poker Tour's World Championship event first in chips and managed to ride out a tough day to finish in the Top 20 after five levels of play.

PokerListings.com accosted the Man with the Inadequate Nickname during the last break of the day.

So how are you feeling right now? How's your game?

Good. I've got about $450,000. I'm taking it easy.

You have a bit of a tough table, but it's probably no tougher than any other at this event.

Yeah, I mean all of the tables are tough. It's hard to find a decent table.

How has your day been?

It's been okay. It's like a roller-coaster, up and down. It's not like yesterday.

Have you had any big hands?

No, I haven't had any big hands at all. It's been exactly the opposite of yesterday. Just trying to cruise, you know?

Robert Mizrachi
The Miz???

Yesterday you seemed to accumulate a lot of chips quite quickly.

Yeah, yesterday I was just coasting up. It was beautiful. Today I'm just going up and down, up and down.

So what the hell happened yesterday? How'd you get all those chips?

Well, I was making a lot of big hands. Making a lot of good plays. Today I'm making some bad plays and not getting any good hands, so I'm just happy to be around today, for sure.

Were you able to milk the bubble at all?

No. I wasn't even trying to chip up. Last year I bubbled this event.

Were you surprised to see the bubble burst so quickly?

Robert Mizrachi
El Destructo???

Yeah. I was surprised. I thought it was going to be at least 20 minutes.

Now that the bubble has burst the next 50 finishers all receive the same payout.

Yeah, I think that's silly. But I guess they do that every year, so at least they're consistent about it.

Does it affect your strategy at all?

No, not really.

Right on. Can you talk about your impressions of the tournament as a whole?

Oh, it's a great deep-stack tournament. There are a lot of great players and there's a lot of play. You just have to play your best and I guess whoever makes the least amount of mistakes and gets cards and plays them as well as they can will win the tournament. But at this point you can't get unlucky and you can't make any mistakes.

Well, don't get unlucky. Thanks, Rob.



Mizrachi wound up Day 3 with $700,000 to his name, a far cry from chip leader Gus Hansen's $2.2 million, but above the $495,000 average stack. The 2007 WSOP PLO bracelet winner enters Day 4 guaranteed at least $39,570 (and probably a lot more) for his troubles, just the latest in a series of strong performances from a man who may never be nicknamed "Mr. Loquacious," but whose accomplishments at the tables more than speak to his deserving a pseudonym that stands on its own.

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