Young Cho - Chip Leader Extraordinaire

Young Cho
Young Cho, the chip leader

Young Cho, the massive chip leader going into the final table, has been playing strong and building his stack since early in this event. With more than twice the chips of his closest competitor, Daniel Negreanu, the other players are going to have their work cut out for them catching up tomorrow. During the last break in play tonight Young took a few minutes to give us an exclusive interview.

Young, you have a ton of chips right now, tell us how you got to this stage of the tournament.

I've been playing solid; I won a satellite, and then I've just been playing solid. I'm not a really good player, but I feel like I'm becoming a good player. I didn't get really good cards, but I've played really well.

What are your feelings about the other players in the field?

Young Cho Pushes

This is my first main event. I've only played local tournaments, but this is a little better. I thought it was going to have a lot better players, but they're just a little better.

You mentioned playing in local tournaments, tell us a bit about your background in poker and what you like to play.

Well, I used to have a jewellery store in Las Vegas and I learned poker there. I was a bad player and it cost me. I lost the store. (Laughs.) Anyway …

Tell us a bit about your life outside of poker.

I'm from Korea originally, and I've been living in Oklahoma for 10 years. I play poker.

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Young is a man of few words, and although English is his second language and one he is not fully comfortable with, his enthusiasm for making it this far in the World Poker Open is apparent. Despite not regarding himself as a great player, he has played with some of the best in the world here today, and dominated.

Young Cho Does his Negreanu Impression

With close to half the chips in play residing in Young's stack going into the final table it will be interesting to see how he fares against the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Kido Pham and J.C. Tran. Join us tomorrow for the conclusion of the 2007 WPO and find out if Young Cho will be able to seal the deal.

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