Ship It! - An Interview with Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little
Jonathan Little Playing in Day 4 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Jonathan Little, member of the ShipItHolla Ballas crew, has earned a seat at the final table and is sitting with about $3.1 million, putting him in second place behind chip leader Isaac Haxton. Jon took a few minutes during a break today to take us through his tournament so far and give us an idea of his plans for the finale tomorrow.

Jon, congratulations on making it this far. How has the event gone for you?

Well, I've been running well so far. Just basically getting in with the best hand and not getting outdrawn. I think the field's been pretty soft, I've played three big tournaments like this so far with mostly Internet qualifiers, and I've cashed in all of them.

Now that we're down to the final 10 players, do you have a good handle on the way these guys are playing?

Frank Rusnak

There's some pretty good people at the table who I don't really want to mess with, but I think I have pretty good reads on the people I need to have good reads on. I don't really know their names but the guy in the three seat [Frank Rusnak], I'm trying to stay out of his way. I think he might be a bit crazy.

What about the chip leader Isaac Haxton?

Isaac Haxton

I'm trying to play as many hands as possible with him. He'll call you whenever you bet on the flop and try to take it away on the turn so you just have to get in their and have a hand.

You're part of the ShipItHolla Ballas; tell us a bit about your crew and what you guys are all about.

Well, we're the ShipItHolla Ballas. We travel around and play lots of tournaments and have lots of parties and all that.

So what make you Ballers?

Having lots of money. (Laughs.)

Ok then, how did you get into poker and what kinds of games do you play?

Jonathan Little

I've been playing for about two and a half years now, and I've been a professional for about two. A bunch of my college friends got together one day and started playing, and I figure I wanted to be good at it. I started playing sit-and-gos originally. I actually have a training site, and I'm one of the teachers on there. I really play mostly sit-and-gos and cash games sometimes.

How do you think online play compares to live?

Jonathan Little

I really like playing online better because you can play more tables at a time and get in more hands. I've done fine live so far, but it's just a different game. It's nice to take a break from online though. For the most part, playing online is a really good start and most of the things you have to learn about live play aren't a lot different than online. You just have to figure out when they don't have anything, what they have and when you can take the pot away from them.

Ok, thanks a lot Jon and good luck at the final table.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It'll be interesting to see how Jonathan and the rest of the table try to deal with Isaac Haxton, the monster chip leader. As Day 4 draws to a close, Haxton is sitting with more than $9 million, roughly half the chips in play. In second place, it's Little who will be in the best position to put a dent in that number. Play begins bright and early at 10 a.m. (EST) so join us then for the conclusion of the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

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