Finally! J.C. Tran is Champion

The Champ!
J.C. Tran wins the 2007 World Poker Challenge

It's been a long time coming, but today J.C. Tran was able to seal the deal and take down his first WPT title. At his third final table this season alone and his second heads-up match in as many months, J.C. defeated J.C. Alvarado in only a few hands to become the 2007 World Poker Challenge champion. J.C. took a few minutes to give me his thoughts after it was all over.

Well congratulations J.C. You've been at so many David Pham was on my left, he's a great player. He's someone I was really concerned about.

David Pham

Him and I are friends, and we usually don't play each other hard out but today we did. A couple big pots against him and when I knocked him out I felt really bad. Other than that there was a bunch of good players at the table but I felt like I deserved it more due to the fact that I've been there and been deep a lot lately.

Tell us about your heads-up opponent J.C. Alvarado.

Hey man, he's a good young player, he's only 21. Second is a great accomplishment, it took me a long time to get up to second and he did it right away at 21. But he lacked the WPT final table experience because it's not a regular final table. You've got the media and the lights and the cameras, it's different. But he's going to learn, he's going to be at another final table and I'll see him down the road.

Juan Carlos Alvarado

Well you almost had him when your two pair got counterfeited on the river. Did you feel like it was slipping away from you at that point?

After I lost that pot, I still had a 2-1 chip lead, and to me, heads-up, I still feel like I'm the favorite. And I still felt good because I have more experience than him.

J.C. and Entourage

Like I said, the cameras and the lights interfere with your thinking. I played with him for the last couple days, and he wasn't playing like that. He was just a little rushed.

Well congratulations again J.C. We know how much this means to you.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We were all happy to see J.C. take it down tonight; no one has paid more dues on the World Poker Tour than him. It's unbelievable to see someone perform so consistently in big-field tournaments, but it's great to see that same person go the distance and become a champion.

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