Max Pescatori Interview: An Italian Pirate in Australia

Max Pescatori
Max Pescatori, 2008 Aussie Millions - Day 3.

On Day 3 of the Aussie Millions Max Pescatori was one of the few recognizable faces left. While most pros fell out of contention when the blinds were raised and the stacks got larger, the Italian Pirate seemed to thrive on the competition.

Pescatori had an exceptional day and managed to finish with a very respectable $1.08 million. With the exception of Max Pescatori - aka The Italian Pirate.

After that I started losing and losing and losing. I got aces cracked and went down pretty low. Today I started with $107,000. People didn't seem to realize there was still a lot of play left but I knew that with good play I could make the right move and get my money in very well. In one hand I had pocket kings and I doubled up against Raymond Rahme. That hand brought me from $150,000 to $320,000 and I never looked back after that. I went from $300,000 to $400,000 and then $500,000 later in the day.

I would say the key moment of the day was when I made an unbelievable call against a guy who was aggressive on every street. I had K-J on a board that included an ace so it was a really hard call but the guy had nothing. When it came to the river I had $280,000 left and he had $200,000 and I checked and he went all-in. What made the call even harder was that I thought he had me covered. It was brilliant. I just knew he was trying to bluff against me and I finally caught him.

Unknown player
Max Pescatori and friend during Day 2 of the Aussie Millions.

The guy was really disappointed and I felt quite bad for him but it was a great call.

This is your first time at the Aussie Millions. What do you think of the tournament?

Well [Matt] Savage is running it so you know it's going to be good. They have so many floor staff that it's almost annoying. I like it. There are a lot of good things about it: the space between all the tables, the fact that you start the tournament eight-handed.

I won't name any facilities but there are places where they will start 11-handed to save money and it's disgusting. The organizers do a great job here.

Max Pescatori
Max Pescatori enjoying Australia.

You finished 28th at the Five Diamond Doyle Brunson Poker Classic; what was that experience like?

I made another brilliant call and my opponent got lucky on the river. It was the same situation as today. The only thing was that there were two cards to go. He hit a jack on the river and that was it.

Do you have any thoughts heading into tomorrow?

I really think this is destiny. Anything can happen but I truly believe that I've had several shots at winning a big prize and I didn't so this could be my time. I have the experience and I have the calm attitude. There are many inexperienced players in the field so I feel good about my game. Let's hope the cards go my way.

Thanks for your time, Max.

Max Pescatori is a truly gregarious person who has charisma and passion for the game of poker. Given that he's one of the only WSOP bracelet winners still in the field you've got to like his chances at making it to the final table of the Aussie Millions. 

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