Patrik Antonius - The Brad Pitt of Scandinavia?

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius playing in Day 2 of the 2007 Aussie Millions

Patrik Antonius closed out Day 3 of this event among the chip leaders with $1.6 million after a rollercoaster-ride of a tournament thus far. Starting Day 2 first in chips and at one point sinking to below the price of one big blind, he has fought valiantly to earn a place among the contenders vying for a seat at the final table. After the action had come to an end tonight, Patrik took a few minutes to give us his perspective on the event so far.

Patrik, everyone's been playing pretty fast so far today. Is this kind of action well suited to your style? Take us through how the day has gone for you.

Patrik Antonius

I started with $236,000, and I really didn't play that loose at the beginning. I was just trying to pick my spots and looking for a double-up. I went down a little bit, and then one guy raised, and I had pocket sevens, and I just decided to push. I was really lucky to double-up there against nines.

After that I went up to $700,000, and I was just picking up blinds and little pots. I lost a couple pots. I made a little bit of a bad decision and lost $400,000 when I pushed with 7-8 suited, and one girl [Kristy Gazes] called with pocket tens. So I had $300,000, but I managed to increase my stack back to $700,000 by playing little pots here and there.

After that I went back down to about $200,000 but then flopped top pair, kings, against a guy who had been beating me a lot. So he doubled me up when I had about $240,000 in chips. Then I found aces against kings against Kristy, and so I had 1 million after that. Then it was just solid, nothing too special happened.

Patrik and Jimmy Chop the Pot

There are definitely some tough players at your table; do you feel like you have a good handle on the way they're playing today?

I'm surprised at how loose and aggressive people are playing. Usually people are so scared when it comes close to the final table, they just fold and fold, but here people are really playing hard. It actually seems like maybe I'm not the most aggressive player at the table. (Laughs)

It doesn't even matter what kind of table it is; you just have to adjust to the game. In tournaments your position changes all the time, so it doesn't even matter who the chip leader is. It's just about adjusting your game and making the right decisions.

You mentioned loose play, tell us about the hand that crippled you yesterday.

Patrik Antonius

Yeah, I pushed there. One guy raised, he made it like $15,000, and I had Q-9 on the button, and I pushed my $85,000 in. He called me with A-T which wasn't a big deal, I had like 40%. I thought he was going to break me but I ended up having $2,800, and now it's been quite a rush since then.

What's your plan going into tomorrow?

I'm playing to win this tournament. I'm going to keep playing aggressive for sure.

Thanks Patrik, good luck tomorrow.

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It will be interesting to see how Patrik fares as we play down to the final table tomorrow. With his style he could just as easily bust on the first hand as become the dominant chip leader. Whatever happens, though, one thing is for sure - it will be entertaining. Join us tomorrow at 11 a.m. for continuing coverage of the 2007 Aussie Millions.

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