Peter Jepsen: The Interview

Peter Jepsen
Peter Jepsen at the final table of the EPT3 Polish Open

In the course of two quick hands on Day 2, Peter Jepsen became the overwhelming chip leader and was able to ride that stack all the way to the final table and an eventual victory. Defeating Farid Meraghni in a drawn out heads-up match, Peter took a few minutes to talk before collecting his cash.

First of all, congratulations on the win. Let's start by talking about the heads-up match. It started out really slowly; it seemed like you were just feeling each other out a bit. What was your approach to playing against Farid?

I didn't really play that long with him before we ended on the final table, but a few guys were saying that he was pretty crazy, and he liked to make some big moves. I also heard that he was a fixed-limit player online, and he plays very high so the money probably doesn't mean that much to him. Then again maybe he makes some mistakes in no-limit that might not be a mistake in limit. I really didn't know what to expect though.

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Peter played an extremely solid game from the beginning of this event and was able to beat out 284 other players to take it down. Unlike some who seem to be in a state of shock after winning a big tournament, Peter enjoyed this win to the fullest. We were happy to see him go the distance and wish him luck in the tournaments to come.

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