De Wolfe in De Hunt: The Roland De Wolfe Interview

Roland de Wolfe
Roland de Wolfe on Day 1b of the EPT4 Dublin main event

Roland De Wolfe is one of the best-known faces and biggest winners on the British poker scene. With EPT and WPT titles under his belt, plus a third place in the WPT Championship a couple of years ago, he caught the attention of Full Tilt, which quickly signed him as one of its pros.

After he finished with above-average chips in Event 4, $5k Mixed Limit/No-Limit, caught up with him to see how the WSOP was going so far for him.

So Roland, how did the event go so far today? The structure seemed a little awkward out there.

The Mixed Limit went rather well; I started pretty good and it became evident that the Limit was playing much bigger and you had to win all your key pots in the Limit Hold'em [portions of the event]. I got it in bad once, but never for a massive proportion of my stack.

Did you have any particular strategy coming into today?

It was just a question of running well, but it was good fun because I had a really great table - Steve Zolotow, Noah Boeken, Greg Raymer, Sorrel Mizzi, MrSmokey1. There were quite a few personalities on the table all day so we had good banter; it was very enjoyable.

Roland De Wolfe
Me? Bluff? Never.

How much difference was there between playing the Limit levels and playing the No-Limit levels?

I was basically playing very, very tight in the No-Limit and in the Limit also. But in the No-Limit there wasn't much value in stealing, because it was only worth a quarter of the blind in the Limit.

We overheard Noah Boeken not sounding too happy with how much the bigger the Limit game was compared to the No-Limit. What are your thoughts?

There was a problem with the structure. It is a good event and you do have to be able to play both games well, but Limit Hold'em is a long-term game and playing half-hour levels, it's all about how well the cards run for you.

Compared to the smaller buy-ins, what is it like playing the bigger events?

There's not much value in the fields; today was a really tough field ... there weren't that many spots. I mean these events, the $5,000 and $10,000's, are going to be full of the best players in the world. Around 30% of the field aren't very good but all the top players are here.

It's fun, but hard work and a lot of concentration is required plus you have to run well in the Limit. So a lot of luck is required but that's OK for me, less skill more luck is good for me!

Roland De Wolfe
A Wolfe on the prowl.

Are there any particular events you're looking forward to in this WSOP?

I'm really looking forward to the Mixed World Championship, we play No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Limit Hold'em, Stud Eight-or-Better, Razz, Triple-Draw ... I can play all the games, but there's probably not much advantage here because the Americans are pretty good at all the Limit games.

If it was in Europe with only European players, I think I'd be one of the favorites. But here I'm just interested in testing myself against everyone else. We'll playing 10 games in a day, and I just hope they get the blinds right because every game plays so different, that they need the proper balance.

Thanks for your time Roland.


Roland De Wolfe is one of 91 players returning for Day 2 of Event 4. Play starts at 3 p.m. for this event and you can follow all the action here.

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