A Smoke Break with Mark Newhouse

Mark Newhouse
Mark Newhouse, Event 53, Limit Hold'em Shootout - Day 1

Mark Newhouse got his start in poker at the Limit Hold'em cash games online. He first made a name for himself when he took down the 2006 WPT Borgata Championship and pocketed a cool $1.5 million.

Not bad for someone that wasn't even planning on playing the tournament. At 5 a.m. on the morning of the tournament he decided to enter a satellite for the event and ended up winning a seat.

Since then his name has made a few more appearances. He went deep in the North American Poker Championships in October of 2006 and, about a month ago, bubbled the final two tables of the $25,000 WPT Championship at Bellagio. I caught up with him during a break.

How're you doing today?

Right now I'm doing good. I'm on $92,000. I'm on a pretty sick run, I was down to $1,500 at one point. At the $250/$500 level Ed Moncada 'Ebolivia' could've taken me out but he left with me $1,500 chips on that one hand. I've just been on a sick run since then.

He could've taken you out how?

Newhouse: The hand, actually, I had kings and he had aces, but i played them slow before the flop and, uh...

Dustin 'Neverwin' Woolf: He could've put you all in with the $1,500 and he didn't bet it?

Newhouse: Yeah, no no, he bet $10,500 on the river and thought he put me all in...

Neverwin: Oohhhh that's so sick!

Newhouse: Yeah and now I'm back to $92,000.

Neverwin: You would've called it on the river?

Newhouse: I mean, yeah i would've called it. An ace came on the turn but the way that the hand played out i just couldn't put him on an ace.


Mark Newhouse
Where'd you get that coffee?.

You put him on a lower pocket pair?

Yeah i would've put him on a lower pocket pair so that was a good hand for me.

Are you living in Vegas?

Yeah i've been out here for a couple of months. Playing a lot of poker right now. I'm just staying at a house with a bunch of friends.

I bet the bar never closes there. I seem to recall a little video where you take matters into your own hands when the bar shut down?

Oh yeah, That was... fun. The funny thing about that video - the whole first two days of the 25k I was like breaking even and then right after that night i got blackout drunk and the next day got run up to like $700,000.

How were you feeling that day?

Actually, not as bad as I could've been.

You're a seasoned veteran.

Oh yeah, for sure. Ended up getting 19th in that one.

Are you going to be playing pretty much everything this year?

Yeah I'm doing 25 tournaments.

Thomas 'Thunder' Keller interjects:
I got interviewed by ESPN man! That was pretty sweet. I was like I am the Golden God of poker. All of you bow before me! Nah, that's what I should've said.

Well I have it right here so I'll make sure it's heard.

Keller: Yeah, yeah thank you.


Thomas Keller
Bow to the Golden God of Poker.

Do you have any special plans to prep for the series any training regimens? Dieticians?

Nah, I don't have any kind of plans like that. You know I'm gonna try and focus on a lot of tournaments. This is the most tournaments I've played in a World Series. Usually during the World Series I try to focus on a lot of cash games and that's good, but this year I'm going to focus on a lot of tournaments. So we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for your time.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was time for Mark to head back into the tournament area as play was about to resume. He could have been busted hours ago but, due to a small error by Ed Moncada, he is back in the race. At last check he was in the top twenty players left today sitting steady with $98,000.



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