Know your texas holdem odds - Reviews and free software download

As the number of online poker players skyrockets, so does the need for competent online poker tools, such as in-game Texas Holdem odds calculators. There are a few such products out there already, with varied scopes and ambitions.

Call the Texas Holdem Odds Assistance

Millions of people around the world play internet poker more or less regularly, and they all meet the same kind of challenges when calculating Texas holdem odds and deciding how to play their hands. A huge number of hard and soft parameters come into play, and it's not evident to put hem all together to form balanced and profitable decisions. With a competent in-game Texas holdem odds application at your side when playing online poker, everything becomes so much easier. The kindred software products Texas Calculatem ™ and Texas Calculatem Pro are perfect examples of tools that sit beside you at the poker table and rattle away split-second estimates of hand odds, outs, pot odds and so on.

In every imaginable situation in a poker game, the programs give concrete advice on how to play the hand. Even if a computer program cannot pay attention to all possible aspects of the game, such as the mood and personality of opponents, it can give good estimates of Texas holdem odds by keeping perfect records of things like betting patterns and card combinatorics. Read an in-depth description of Texas Calculatem ™.

Its big brother, Texas Holdem Pro, also takes into consideration the pot odds in effect at the moment and compares them with your estimated winning chances in concluding if a call is called for. You can download both Texas Calculatem ™ and Texas Calculatem Pro for free from our site, and read a more in-depth description of Texas Holdem Pro.

A quite similar piece of poker software is called Holdem Genius, a program whose ambitions are not hard to deduce from its name. While its working principle is akin to the programs in the Texas Calculatem ™ family, calculating fundamental things like Texas holdem odds, Holdem Genius gives another view of the decision making context. As an example, you can have a window displaying a list of the best possible hands at the time, with consideration to the cards at the table as well as in your hand and telling you where on this list your own hand is.

Holdem Genius shows you a range of data on the current hand, and you have the choice to set a number of options to specify its behavior more closely. See more in-depth descriptions of Holdem Genius at another place on our site.

Yet another software tool for in-game poker analysis that resembles those mentioned above but has its own scope altogether is Sit and Go Shark. While performing much the same kind of calculations concerning winning chances and pot odds, Sit and Go Shark focuses exclusively on the particular conditions that apply to sit-and-go poker, that is, one-table tournaments. To deal with these situations, Sit and Go Shark introduces a number of very specific aspects to its analysis scheme, such as the payout structure, the stage of the tournament, the table momentum, and so on. Read a more in-depth description of Sit and Go Shark.

Safe and approved software products

This kind of software is not controversial. Running them doesn't put you in the searchlights of the online poker rooms, as would be the case with different kinds of cheating software. These programs do nothing that you couldn't do yourself, had you possessed a somewhat better brain, or a kidney specialized in computing Texas Holdem odds.

It's also worth commenting that the developers behind these products are perfectly benevolent and wouldn't think of sneaking in any kind of spyware or adware or Trojans in their downloads.

What the future holds for poker analysis tools

For beginning to intermediate players, it is probable that a tool such as the ones described in this article will help improve the game. More advanced players may feel that the advice doesn't concur with their own opinion of how a hand should be played or that the analysis balks some of the information they themselves have learned to include when computing their Texas holdem odds. This is inevitable, and quite possibly future tools will catch up with the deeper thinking of more advanced players.

Just like Texas Calculatem ™ and Texas Calculatem Pro, Holdem Genius and Sit and Go Shark are available for free download from our site, so you can get on board the train of in-game poker analysis tools now and try them out for yourself.

Texas Calculatem ™

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Texas Calculatem ™ in mini mode giving concise game advice in an exciting fixed limit hold'em hand

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Texas Calculatem Pro

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Texas Calculatem Pro in action at a poker table, calculating pot odds, outs, odds of drawing out, etc. and gicing advice that you can follow or discard as you like

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Holdem Genius

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Holdem Genius sets up a verty detailed control hub of your poker game, steering you with a strict hand in the direction you target - winning

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