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With Poker Usher™ on your computer you will always know where to find the softest and most profitable tables. Poker Usher™ will also automatically notify you when a weak player comes online and tell you what table he is at.

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Unique Poker Table Selection Software - Poker Usher

With Poker Usher™ on your computer you will instantly know whether a particular poker table is tough or soft when you play online poker. Thanks to the data that the software has gathered you will be notified of where to find the weakest players and you will also know how to stay away from the sharks. Find out more about Poker Usher™ and how to get it for free!

  • Poker Usher™ table selector software:
  • Seats you at the softest tables
  • Keeps track of winning and losing players
  • Rates players on tightness and aggressiveness
  • Uses data mining to gather tons of stats
  • Let you import your Poker Tracker database


Yes, you've certainly gone down the good road with this poker software. Choosing tables was exactly what I needed to learn to be a steady winner in poker.
- Chris, AK

I think it's true that most poker players ignore table selection as a key factor to success. I know I did, but those times are gone with this free poker game software. Hi there my new bankroll
- Roger, LA

Being a very experienced poker player I deeply appreciate the Poker Usher Texas Holdem poker software! I always look for the easy tables, but in the typical poker software lobby it's quite a job to identify them. This is a true efficiency booster for the working poker player!
- Mimi, NY

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Poker Usher's unique softness ranking of online poker tables

All active tables on the stakes level of your choice are listed with their softness rating, with the softest tables at the top.

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