Spindler, Cody Charging with 36 Left in EPT London Main Event

Those in the know - meaning those who have ever sat down at a poker table with him - consider Benny Spindler one of the most...(25)

15 October 2014

Jen Shahade: No Reason Grown-Ups Can't See Chess as Fun Game

Jennifer Shahade is a writer, editor, commentator, two-time US Women's Chess champion and, of course, a poker player.(25)

15 October 2014

PKR Poker Unveils "Quicker, Slicker" PKR 3.0 Software

PKR Poker's animated 3D poker client took a leap to the next level today with the official release of its new PKR 3.0 client.(25)

15 October 2014

20-Year-Old Kiwi Poker Pro David Yan Ready for WSOP Vegas Debut

New Zealand’s David Yan isn’t old enough to buy a drink in Las Vegas but he’s competed in some of the biggest high-stakes poker tournaments across...(25)

15 October 2014

Brian Rast on First Trip to Australia, Fasting to Win

Brian Rast will take any edge he can get. Even if that means not eating.(25)

15 October 2014

Eddy Sabat on Epic Main Event Run: “It Still Hurts”

It must be gut-wrenching to outlast more than 6,500 players in a tournament only to finish seven spots off a spot in the November Nine.(25)

15 October 2014

What’s the Future of Poker? Hint: PLO

Poker has changed so much over the last 20 years that it’s hard to imagine what might happen over the next 20 years.(25)

14 October 2014

Isaac Haxton: "Poker Gives Me the Sort of Fulfillment I’m Looking For"

It's hard to believe it's been seven years since a long-haired Isaac Haxton fought the wind and rain outside in the Bahamas to finish second at...(25)

14 October 2014

Poker Pro George Lind Sees Bright Future for Real-Money Hearthstone

A unique mix of luck and skill is a big reason why poker's so popular and according to veteran poker pro George Lind III, new virtual...(25)

14 October 2014

Marvin Rettenmaier: The Party Still Goes On

No matter what his summer at the WSOP was like, Marvin Rettenmaier remains one of the most successful tournament players in the world.(25)

14 October 2014

Jack Salter on Award Nomination: “Hopefully I’ve Got a Chance”

Many believe that poker is as tough as it’s ever been but that’s hasn’t kept players like Jack Salter from bursting onto the scene and subsequently...(25)

14 October 2014

Award Winning Author Nam Le Balances Writing, Poker

There aren’t many poker players who have written award-winning books.(25)

14 October 2014

Anthony Hachem: “Dad is Happy I Don’t Play Poker Full Time"

There aren’t many well-known successful father-son combos in poker(25)

14 October 2014

Win $1 Million in a Poker Tournament? Don’t Spend it All in One Place

You finally make your first-big score in poker and suddenly it seems that you’re set for life.(25)

13 October 2014

Vicky Coren-Mitchell: "I'm Carrying on Real Legacy of My Family"

Vicky Coren-Mitchell is the first and only player to win two European Poker Tour main event titles.(25)

13 October 2014

High-Stakes Report: Just Another $600k Isildur1 Roller Coaster Ride

With big tournaments running in London and Melbourne, action at the online high stakes was slightly lighter than usual.(25)

13 October 2014

Negreanu Slams Crockfords Over “Ludicrous” Ivey Ruling

Poker icon Daniel Negreanu is shocked the English High Court ruled against Phil Ivey in his massive £7.7 million case with Crockfords Casino last week.(25)

13 October 2014

Jonathan Little on Next-Generation Poker Coaching

When it comes to blogging, writing books and coaching, there aren’t many many players more prolific than Jonathan Little.(25)

13 October 2014

How Live Coverage is Redefining Poker Strategy

There was once a time when watching poker meant guessing what players were holding.(25)

13 October 2014

Frequent Flyer Casey Kastle: “My Goal is to Wear Shorts 250 Days a Year”

Ask a poker player why they love travelling the international tournament circuit and they will no doubt say they love seeing new places around the...(25)

13 October 2014