Max Silver

Silver Wants to Exit After Brexit, Spaniards Hope to Stay in London

News that UK voters decided to leave the European Union shook the world. Players at the World Series of Poker discussed how the decision could...

24 June 2016

Daily 3-Bet: Brexit Stage Right, Mario Big Boss, Get That Nelly $

Today in the 3-Bet we find an uncertain future but certain response to Brexit, Martin Jacobson gets Mario-ed and Anton Wigg finds the right cash...

24 June 2016
Michael Gathy 14935 winner photo

Gathy Scores Third Bracelet for $560,843, Ties Belgian Record

It’s been quite a week for Belgium.

24 June 2016
Negreanu 1

Daily 3-Bet: Timex-JMerc Détente, DNegs Defurred, Mind of a Fedor

Today in the 3-bet we find a stand-down in the Jason Mercier-Mike McDonald stand-off, Daniel Negreanu follows JMerc's lead and Fedor finds his sweet...

23 June 2016
Malta hotel

Lock Up Your 2016 BOM Seat With 888poker, PartyPoker Satellites

Like a relentless fleet of warships heading for an extended siege, the 2016 Battle of Malta is coming.

23 June 2016
Andey Zaichenko

Wednesday Night Rumble: Zaichenko v. Painter

The $1,500 2-7 triple draw final table was pretty rowdy for a Wednesday night.

23 June 2016
T MobileArena2

Negreanu on Las Vegas NHL Team: "This Team Will Be Good"

The NHL announced that Las Vegas was getting a team and while some people are skeptical about its success, Daniel Negreanu thinks the team will...

22 June 2016
Jason Mercier WSOP 2

Daily 3-Bet: Torpedo-ing Mercier, Cali Baby Steps, GPL Cold War

Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike McDonald roadblocking Jason Mercier, California online poker edges forward and a classic stand-off in the Global Poker...

22 June 2016

WSOP Main Event Heads-Up Flashback: Martin Staszko vs. Pius Heinz

Despite their low profiles, German Pius Heinz and Czech Martin Staszko battled it out one of the most exciting heads-up-matches the WSOP Main Event has...

22 June 2016
Jamie Gold 3

2006 WSOP Champion Jamie Gold: "Poker's Back and So Am I"

A decade after his historic 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event win, Jamie Gold talks about his victory, his return to poker and a...

22 June 2016
dzmitryurbanovich stoddart

Daily 3-Bet: Mercier Slumpbuster, Dima Icebreaker, Rome Burns

Today in the 3-Bet we find Jason Mercier breaking out of his WSOP slump, Dzmitry Urbanovich getting untracked and another intriguing GPL Cube off.

21 June 2016
new york CjTuBK0XEAA90yc.jpg large

Online Poker Bill Stalls in New York, DFS Greenlit

Efforts to legalize online poker in New York have once again fallen short with the current legislative session coming to an end.

21 June 2016
medical dental suite

Dental+Suite: High-End, High-Speed Dental Care for Poker Players

Being on the road all year playing poker takes its toll on your health and your teeth. Pierre Neuville and Jochem Heibach have joined forces...

20 June 2016

Win $2,500 During PartyPoker’s Summer of Grind

Looking to get your poker grind on this summer?

20 June 2016
Jason Mercier 1

Daily 3-Bet: Mercier Wins Big on Cavs, Fedor X3, Stapes GPL Debut

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a beautifully marbled cut of brisket that’s been slowly smoked in the BBQ for 12 hours to give you the...

20 June 2016
tony g

Poker Bad Boy Tony G. Challenges UK Leader to €1m Brexit Bet

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage put up £1,000 at a bookmakers to prove his confidence Great Britain will elect to leave the EU. Poker bad boy...

20 June 2016

Hand of the Week: Seiver Eludes Treacherous Rast Check-Raise

Most players fear a check-raise on the river. In this case, at the 2015 Super High Roller Bowl, Scott Seiver has to face one that...

19 June 2016
Kelly Winterhall WSOP

Entrepreneur Kelly Winterhalter Quick Study at World Series of Poker

Kelly Winterhalter fell in love with poker when she tried it just eighteen months ago and now she's hunting big scores at the World Series...

18 June 2016
Jason Mercier WSOP Bracelet

Amazing Mercier Wins 2nd Bracelet in 1 Week, High-Stakes Side Bets

Jason Mercier did the incredible by winning his second WSOP bracelet in less than a week, but that's not even the craziest part.

18 June 2016
Steven Thompson 3

Second Place, Second Chance for Costa Rica's Steven Thompson Vila

Costa Rican poker player Steven Thompson narrowly missed his first WSOP bracelet but won something even better: a second chance.

17 June 2016