Lohan arrested again! Misunderstanding or for real?

Created By: Poker Joker
30 November 2012
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Poker Joker - Lindsay Lohan arrested again

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in am hours this morning for allegedly punching a woman in a club ...

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Grant 2012-12-03 10:21:10

These are terrible. Why are you ruining a good site with this?

Omg 2012-12-01 18:12:16

It took 2 people to come up with this "joke" ,good lord

:( 2012-12-01 18:10:23

honestly this suck a big fat donkeys breadstick

Danny Dechi 2012-12-01 15:29:35

Before Lindsay Lohan went to jail, she was telling her friends: “Hey, how bad could jail be? I heard they have bars there.”

Tommy 2012-12-01 09:10:01

Too funny. She's turning into another Amy Winehouse... without the talent.

Oh Gowd... 2012-11-30 11:14:36