Poker hall busted in North Carolina

An anonymous Crime Stoppers tip led police to a "bland-looking warehouse" in Cary, N.C., last Friday where they found an illegal poker gambling hall. Unsurprisingly, they decided to shut the venue down, arresting 40 people in the process.

As reported in the Raleigh Chronicle, Cary Police Captain Dave Wulff said the operation had been running for at least a month, and the warehouse was hosting large poker games up to five times a week.

So acting on the anonymous tip, the Cary Police Department served a search warrant at the industrial park warehouse shortly after midnight, and seized, according to a report on WRAL-TV, over $20,000 in cash.

"This was not just a friendly game of poker," Captain Wulff told the Chronicle. "This was a high-stakes game for profit.

"While we realize and appreciate," Wulff added in a statement to media, "that many friends and neighbors enjoy playing cards and other games in good fun as part of their recreational activities, doing so for money simply isn't legal in our state."

The captain also indicated there were six poker tables with 10 to 12 seats at each, with organizers taking a cut from the games for profit and selling liquor without a license.

Forty people in total were charged with various gambling, alcohol and drug violations.

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