Poker games busted in Mississauga, Canada

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The Toronto Star is reporting that seven people have been apprehended and charged by police for running an illegal poker ring in Mississauga, Ontario.

The police activity was the result of an investigation that began last December, followed by a series of raids that busted a total of four poker houses.

It was the Ontario Provincial Police's Illegal Gambling Unit, in cooperation with the Peel Regional Police, who conducted the investigations. The investigations concluded the houses were inviting the public to play No-Limit Texas Hold'em and other games of poker for a fee.

The warrants were executed at No Limit Club at 5500 Tomken Rd., Unit 8, Topflight Poker Club at 125 Topflight Dr., Pockets at 6160 Netherhart Rd., Unit 10, and Hollywood at 2408 Haines Rd., Unit 5.

Over 80 people were originally detained but police decided not to charge the players, who were then unconditionally released.

The OPP's Illegal Gambling Unit is part of the provincial police force's Organized Crime Section. It is a specialized police unit run by the OPP and law-enforcement partners in Toronto, Peel, York, London, Windsor and Ottawa.

The police mentioned it is possible for illegal gambling operations to make millions of dollars from the ventures every year.

Last year there was a high-profile poker raid in Dallas, Texas, that attempted to deal with that area's growing problem of underground gambling. The raid did little to deter avid poker players and many are now calling for the city to open a casino and legalize gambling.

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