Poker game argument results in machete murder

After spending eight months on the run, a man suspected of killing a fellow poker player with a machete during a game in October 2005 is back in Indiana to face charges. Yoni Salazar Avilla is being charged with the murder and for moving the body from the scene.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Avilla withdrew a machete and used it to hit Eduardo Sepulveda several times in the back of the head after they had an argument during a poker game. Avilla then threatened the others present at the game with the same fate if they told anybody what happened.

Though Avilla allegedly transported and dumped the body, police were able to track down when Sepulveda was last seen alive and that led them to the murder scene and to Avilla as a suspect. According to the affidavit, when police searched the murder scene, they found a bloody machete hidden in a ceiling panel and evidence of blood on the carpet, walls, ceiling and kitchen sink.

Avilla fled and was working as a tile setter in Oklahoma, where he eventually turned himself in to the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office. In addition to this crime, he is wanted on seven outstanding warrants for a variety of misdemeanor crimes.

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