Poker Den returns with big names

Phil Hellmuth

The Big Game is back - not the one in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio but the one in London, the PartyPoker Poker Den 24-hour cash game. Set to film Sept. 14, the Poker Den already has top name pros from across the globe signed up to play.

Despite taking quite the razzing from tablemates in the first 12 hours of the competition when he hadn't yet taken down a major pot, Tony G and David Ulliott both made sport of Hellmuth's misery during The Big Game I, and they'll both be back for more as well.

Also expected to join in the game are Roland De Wolfe, Brian Townsend, Liz Lieu, Ian Frazer, Dan Carter, Roy Brindley, Nikolaus Jedlicka, Ian Woodley, Anthony Hardy, Neil Channing, Dave Gregory and Phil Curtis. According to PartyPoker, other names are still being added to the lineup as well.

The format of the game has the players joining in a 24-hour cash game with a minimum buy-in of $10,000. Blinds start at $25/$50, and all the players are free to leave the table anytime they want.

According to Party Poker, clips from the first Poker Den have become cult viewing on the Internet. Some of the popular clips include Tony G and the Devilfish reveling in Hellmuth's misery, Tony G welcoming Phil Curtis to the table and Juha Helppi's Hellmuth impression.

"Last time there were fireworks, and we don't expect anything different this time around," said a PartyPoker spokesman. "We are just worried [about finding] a room big enough to accommodate their egos. Wembley Stadium wasn't available, so we had to settle for something smaller."

Perhaps they have a right to be worried as Hellmuth's ego has no doubt grown with the addition of an 11th World Series of Poker bracelet on his wrist after the 2007 series.

Jesse May is planned to lead the commentary during The Big Game II's taping. It will be broadcast on television next year.

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