Poker Couple Bust, Makievskyi Leads on Main Event Day 7

Anton Makiievskyi doubles thru Chris Moore
Anton Makievskyi doubles up.

The end is in sight for the 22 players left in the 2011 Main Event.

After 12 days of poker, every player that survives tomorrow will be a member of the elite 2011 November Nine, set to play for an $8.7 million first place prize on Nov. 5.

Once again players didn’t waste any time getting their chips in the middle and pros Sebastian Ruthenberg, David Bach, Minh Nguyen, Andrew Brokos and Tony Hachem were all eliminated in the early stages of the day.

Big name pro Erick “E-dog” Lindgren also busted in the early stages when he shoved his last 600,000 chips in with pocket fours and Steve Brecher snapped him off with pocket jacks.

Lindgren busted on the hand but Brecher would also fall in the later stages of the day.

Sands Goes First, Moutinho Follows

Unfortunately one of the most compelling storylines of the 2011 WSOP Main Event was laid to rest on Day 7 as Erika Moutinho and boyfriend David "Doc" Sands were finally eliminated.

Moutinho and Sands, who were short-stacked for a good portion of the day, did well to survive into the final 30 players.

It was finally Sands who faltered first and busted in 30th place when his J-T failed against A-J. Moutinho, who was the last woman standing in the Main Event, didn’t last long after Sands busted.

She shoved with Q-T and was called down by Andrew Hinrichsen with A-Q. The board did not offer any assistance to Moutinho and she busted in 29th place, right behind sands.

Together Sands and Moutinho cashed for nearly half a million dollars and their run in the Main Event will not be forgotten any time soon.

Team PokerStars Pro U.K. member JP Kelly was the next big name to fall when he slammed J-T into pocket aces.

Kelly flopped a jack but the rest of the board came up dry and he was quickly escorted to the rail.

Notable Names Still Alive

Despite the departure of numerous poker pros on Day 7, there are still some very interesting players heading into the last day of the WSOP that will be played in Las Vegas this summer.

Eoghan O’Dea (19.5 million chips) has aspirations to follow his father Donnacha O’Dea and make the Main Event final table. Donnachea made it twice even - in 1983, when he finished sixth, and in 1991 when he finished ninth.

Ben Lamb (14 million chips) has simply crushed this WSOP and will be adding even more to the $1.3 million he’s already raked in.

Online poker superstar Phil “USCPhildo” Collins (13 million chips) is a very well known and respected player in the poker community and is definitely a threat to not only make the November Nine but build a huge stack going in. 

Former card dealer Bryan Devonshire (6 million) has a huge following and at the very least should be able to score some free San Francisco Giants tickets out of the deal as he’s worn Giants gear almost every day of the tournament.

Finally Lars Bonding (4 million) is a Danish pro, now living in the U.S., who’s had tons of success but never really made the big score. His time could be now.

Ukrainian Anton Makievskyi stole the chip lead at the end of the night with a huge cooler over Chris Moore and with 21 million he’s a good bet to make the final table.

The final 22 players will reconvene tomorrow and play down to a final table of nine players.

Those players will take a nearly four-month long break before playing out the biggest final table of the year on Nov. 5.

Tune in tomorrow at 12 p.m. to see what happens.

The 2011 WSOP continues through July 19. For comprehensive coverage live from Las Vegas check PokerListings' Live Updates brought to you by PartyPoker.

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